Monday, September 13, 2010

Hope you had a Happy Harvest Moon!

Bah! I am editing a story that I had published in my University's Literary Journal a couple of years ago but I can't tell what is wrong with it even though I know for a fact that there is much wrong with the thing!
It feels awkward at the end and the pacing is off as well. Plus the death of one of the characters is just a cop out, seriously. Hmmmm, I was up at 4 am this morning writing, editing and tweaking things with various writing projects but this is the one I really want to fix and submit. Raspberries!
Anyway, I did manage to get in some SyFy(Sci-Fi) channel viewing and let me tell you it was really inspiring. Well, in a weird sort of way. I write sci-fi, speculative and fantasy when I am not writing non-fiction on the topic of women's studies.
Now that I work for the government I have a bit of a boost from a certain technical point of view that I want to now explore.
Wait, I was talking about a movie I saw on SyFy.
Yeah, it was called "Goblin" and it wasnt half bad in that the origins of the Goblin was pagan in nature. Now I of course don't really appreciate the idea of moving everything pagan into some so-called Satanist category because frankly, pagans don't believe in the devil, or Satan or whatever you wanna call him/her/it, but if you were writing for the average monster movie watcher then hey, Goblin=Pagan=Satanic. Anyway the actors were woeful of course and there was the gratuitous death of the young loose blonde girl and the safety of the pretty young and of course virginal bestfriend.
The production values were hilarious! At one point a black blanket flying through the air, pulled by an obvious string could be seen quite clearly. Still, I kinda dug it all, but then I like bad monster movie cinema.
I capped off the night with The Guild ( and latest episode of The Colony (If you love tales of the Apocalypse like I do then this reality show is for you). The show is shown on the Discovery Channel. It is a social experiment and it can get very graphic and violent in nature. The current season has the 10 volunteers who get NO MONEY for being on the show, living as survivors of a biological extinction level event in a decimated area of the Gulf Coast in an area that was hit by Hurricane Katrina. They sign a waiver stating that they understand the strenous nature of the experiment and that they will not be compensated monitarily. They have to scavenge for food, shelter and components to create a decent existence (Power is a big issue). They do receive off screen help from a liscenced psychologist, engineer, and physician and all must get physicals before being accepted into the experiment. They are chosen from all walks of life and it is amazing to see the kind of skills that are a necessity when the proverbial shit hits the fan. Whew! it is really an amazing study and it gives insights into the human psyche once we are submerged in a certain reality.
Well that is all for now...Kiss Karma like you mean it, she certainly does!

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