Friday, July 1, 2011

So It's July and...this post is totally Random...

  • I'm slightly behind in some projects I really wanted to be ahead of by this time of 2011. Where the heck does the time go? I mean it seems like I blinked and January became July and I'm not as close to my goals as i wanted to be by mid-year. I want to feel guilty about it but I don't. I dealt with a few things but not nearly as much as I wanted...oh well.
  • Anyway, I recently watched the SyFy movie of the week "Swamp Shark" and yes, it is as amazing as it sounds LOL! My review is forthcoming. It would be done but I had to rewatch the ending of the movie again just to be sure I uhm, saw  that right. You should have seen how that thing ended. Seriously, I didnt see the ending coming, and THAT is saying something for your creature feature type movies! 
  • I was looking around some blogs lately and noticed that I have completely stopped posting my food pics here. I have no idea why but I have been taking tons of pics and posting them on facebook so I think I'll go back to doing that here again.
  • Only 2 months until Dragon-Con and I am over the top excited which means I really have to up my fitness game. Watson likely won't attend this year which I gave him a pass on as long as he makes sure to attend the yearly trip to the Grand Canyon next year so...
Well that is all for now, Later-Gators (that'll make more sense when you see my Swamp Shark review)
Karmically yours

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