Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now that Dragon*Con is gone for the time being

I have to focus on getting myself ready for my NEXT nerd-a-thon, and that my friends is Renaissance Festival. I think I found the costume I want to wear. It is a little bit of a departure from my usual fairy or gypsy type ensemble but not by much.
I tried to shrink the image but unfortunately I didnt know how without wiping out the entire image for some reason. but anyway I got this idea from a Facebook Friend and I think it is a GREAT look for me! The thing is, I have to move next weekend so I dont really have any available time this week or next to do much in the way of constructing this ensemble. For sure I won't have trouble finding a staff (got TONS) and for sure I won't have trouble finding a side blade (I collect all manner of sharp and point things) the problem I may have is getting some of the deatil stuff correct. I dont have to worry about boots because I got those covered and I have the make-up angle covered also. I think I can find the right fabric for the fur covering at any of my favorite fabric shops (yes, I have favs). and of course accessories can come from Michael's and Mom's house! LOL....
This post was mostly about my costume idea so...yeah...later taters

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