Saturday, September 10, 2011

So I'm BACK from Dragon*Con

and I have a bunch of photos and videos from the 5 day event! Nerds and Geeks really know how to get down for theirs! LOL. Okay so I personally met to Sam Witwer from Being Human (the US version) and Samantha Ferris from Supernatural and they were both AWESOME! I have the pics posted on my Facebook thingie so if we are buds you can see them. I will post them here as well I think. OH and I have some video footage from the True Blood Cast Panel and yes it is mainly ALCIDE talking about who the heck knows what! GORGEOUS is an understatement! If you want to check out the vids they are on my Youtube page! I had so much fun and I refuse to go without Watson next year! Unless of course he refuses to go...mwahahahaha. He isnt too keen on Air travel and I totally understand so maybe we have to go by train or suffer an 8 hour bus trip to Atlanta. Which is interesting because I looked at Greyhound and MAN, they have made some serious upgrades in their services and amenities. First of all they removed 5 seats from each bus to give passengers more leg room, added electrical plugs in each row for your laptops and whatnot and get this...they now offer free WiFi on all busses! WTH? When did Greyhound pull the come-up move? Although they have made crazy upgrades, bus travel isnt my first choice but I do really like long bus rides, they remind me of going to Mississippi to visit my Grandparents when I was a kid and I felt like I was a pioneer on an adventure everytime we boarded a Greyhound. Anyway, I'm down for a bus ride so I'm gonna go Greyhound next year and give everyone a report.
Oh, I have to really get into shape. I told some people that this time I REALLY mean it so I guess I have to at least get back on the wagon for show at first. LOL!
Well, gotta go hit the gym...
Happy Karma

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