Friday, September 16, 2011

so its Friday you Foxy Nerds!

and it doesnt mean as much as it could because I'm gonna work overtime again. You know, I was thinking, the more money I make the more I need so the trick is to need less money but still get more stuff. Once I crack that code, I'll bottle it and you all can buy it from at a low, low price that will finally make me as rich as I should be for a person who is really work averse...
Anyway, Terra Nova is gonna start on September 26 and Honestly, I'm a little excited about it. I liked Earth Two...sorta and Earth Sea...sorta so maybe I'll kinda like Terra Nova, maybe. Ugh! I just really want a show that I can sink my synapses into that gives me the right mix of hopeful optimism and impending doom in a way that a post apocalyptic society should, ya know? I mean I like my post world with more team building exercies ala that short lived reality show The Colony and not like that whole Fall Out New Vegas (for PS3) type vibe. I don't like a ton of guns blazing about, but some subtle references to cannibalism or making bread out of acorns or edible flowers is right up my alley.  At any rate, I won't say that I've got High hopes for Terra Nova but I do in fact, have some Hopes and I'm pretty sure they wont let me down on ALL of them.
1. Diversity! I hate when the end of the world comes and no one of color seems to have made it through the catastrophe. That's just weird damn-it!
2. Groups of dummies roaming the world together! Yeah, at some point some groups of dumb people have to get together and do dumb stuff like drink the water, or eat old food they find at a supermarket or fail to dress a wound or something. Every group always has like a doctor or a soldier or some dude who can save you from most dumb stuff
3. Violent kid gangs! this is probably not as funny as I think it would be...likely far more terrifying and creeptastic than I can imagine. But still, let's just try it and see what happens...
4. Fat people. Really? No way do all the fatties (like myself) just cease to be in your post world society. At least not at first. I mean once food starts to go and we've eaten the weak and the young, surely our weight will drop. But before that, you have to have those people on the trek to whatever new homestead we are sojourning to bitching about being hungry and needing to take a break. Let's get some of that in there.
5. NERDS inherit the Earth! Yeah! I mean how long would it take for the first  convention to be organized after the end of the world? Hello? Is this thing On!
That's all I can think of right now but I know there's tons more... Maybe I'll be back later...
Later gators
Happy Karma suckas

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