Saturday, January 5, 2008

So says Midas the King--and My Belated New Years Post

My name is...

Love, says he when my given name doesn't spring to mind.
Ire, when I am impatiently waiting for the chime in his voice
Sweetness, when the kisses flood my skin and make me dizzy with passion
Adorable, when he sees me from the corner of his eye day dreaming about us.

My Name is
Yemoja, when I emerge from the waters of Mother Earth cloaked only in this native skin.
Oshun, when I am heavy with the fruit of our love.
Minona, when I am shielding our sisters from the storms of this world and others.
Oya, when I bring the about the tempests of this land with a mere utterance.

My Name is
Please, because I alone hold the key to his heaven.
Yes, because to deny me is to deny himself.
More, because I am too much and never ever enough.
Blessing, because without me he might never know that a supreme being existed.

The above is something I am working on for The Sable Sovereign and King Midas. It isn't as fantastic as I want it to be yet but that is the skeleton for it so far. The Chronicles are going well y'all and the magazine is working me to the bone. The setbacks have been writing related so I cant even act like I am upset about them. EEk! I'm a freaking writer and I love you all so much!

Okay folks, sorry it took me a minute to get back with y'all but I have had to deal with retail hell dealing with all of the sales and returns. It has been taxing and there has been tons of overtime but I emerge from the commercial quagmire of the "Holidays" a new and improved Goddess. I hope that everyone is getting what they want out of the year so far and I hope that everyone reaches for that brass ring whatever it may be.

As for me I am STILL feeling Capital. I can't believe that I have been able to stay true to me from that time of unpleasantness to now. I still haven't taken any steps backward and while it was hard to maintain at the very beginning I now cant believe I ever even went there with the negativity. Out of sight out of mind is actually true in some cases. I let it go months ago and never even ventured a glance back. At first I couldnt make myself read what he was writing so I didnt and now I am shocked to find that I dont want to read it and so I still havent (not since October of last year).
I hope he is well and if YOU are reading this good luck in all you attempt (especially if it is Paying me back brother! I never expected you to be as good as your word and wonder even now why I was shocked when you weren't). Anyway, Live well brother, live well.
Damn! That's growth right? I mean I thought that I would never get over the pain and then meditation, a good diet and a few truths opened my eyes about me and what I was constantly settling for.
My Goddess! Hindsight is so freaking twenty/twenty.
I keep pushing forward and realize how many blessings the Great Deity bestows on us daily when we seek the good and reject the negative.
I am a writer. I'm Really a writer and will be writing for a living exclusively by the summer! The reality of it is almost too much to grasp. Not only that, I have made some amazing friendships (curse my damn writer's romanticism! and here I thought I was all out of love---oh well, so much for constant cynicism LOL).
Being with other creative people on a regular basis has been more than therapeutic.

And to top it all off I got back to organic living and am finally, FINALLY going GREEN! How fancy is being a HIPPIE? LOL! Someone actually called me that at work the other day.
Someone else calls me Tamerlane. This is a reference to the Poe poem about a Mongol leader who trades love for power. The main themes of the poem are Independence and Power juxtaposed with loss and exile. Hmmm. LOL! I like the idea that someone seems me as a focused conqueror (which is what I am). But I don't think I would trade love for power but I will trade refuse for treasure(not necessarily the spendable kind of treasure).

That is all for now friends. If you love yourself no one can take what is yours. Be safe and be true.
Know that Forever and always that Karma will scratch your back if you scratch hers.
I love you all so seriously it is insane.


Eb the Celeb said...

happy new year!

PurpleZoe said...

My Name is
Please, because I alone hold the key to his heaven.
Yes, because to deny me is to deny himself.
More, because I am too much and never ever enough.
Blessing, because without me he might never know that a supreme being existed.

Your writing will (is) change (ing) the world.

Mizrepresent said...

I just love to come here...your posts are always so riveting and inspirational...and i am going to need this to stay focused on my greater good and inner deity...oh yeah, you got me talking the Goddess talk...much love to you Femi, you are the best and congrats on the writing, you deserve it!

lea78 said...

Hey Femi so glad you are safe. haven't heard from u in a while I thought you had forgotten about us. i am sure whatever you come up with will be on point as usual. your imagination is amazing

Don said...

*scratching Karma's back*

You were a writer long before your gig. lol. What do you feel is the difference now? Has your technique, style or mind state changed any? And I see that you also prefer the skeleton. Cool.

You blasted dude. lol.

Femigog said...

Hey Eb! Back atcha sis!

Purple! You dont know how your comments make me smile sister!

Hey Miz! I'm loving your writing life as well. Let's keep on inspiring one another and make this a year to remember!

Lea! Hey girl! My imagination is pretty fertile but then I dont watch a lot of television so....

Don! I think we have both been writers for longer than we realize brother!
I think my style has changed in that I am more confident about using my own voice when I write. I used to be hung up on writing the way that I have seen other things written rather than just doing my own thing. I felt that my style was just too out there but now I see that a lot of people really dig it and respond to it.
Oh yeah, I likes the bare bones approach!