Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Jesuit Encounters The Pixie During his Morning Constitutional

Bare to the waist and covered in sweat from his capoeira practice the Jesuit did one last stretch as he prepared himself for the last phase of his morning constitutional. He left the church gardens in a slow rolling stride before bouncing up the stone steps from the garden and out into the wildness of the overgrown area behind the building. There was a slight chill in the air that exhilarated him and urged him to increase the speed of his steady trot. He moved with ease through the dense landscape, intermittently hurdling or treading over branches and overgrowth. He had a destination clear in his mind as he rounded a large and ancient oak tree far from the sight of the church. The sun had still not begun its ascent and the moon that peeked at him through the tall trees offered small flashes of unnecessary illumination and sought to guide his footfalls safely through nature’s obstacle course. The smell of the earth coupled with the scents of the area’s flora and fauna filled his nostrils and helped in his meditations as his heart pumped casually and steadily with the rhythm of his pulse. His thoughts left this plain and floated into his past lives and home realms. He remembered anguish, betrayal, and reckless violence and smiled slightly. He missed his bad old days sometimes and wished that he could stand in those long abandoned spaces for just a moment. Vicious queens demanding his attentions and loyalty, young maids begging for favors, and Gods swearing their fealty to a young warrior general, a holy man at that, made him long more than ever for the old rules of order.

He darted between trees and noticed that he had picked up speed. He seemed to be hovering above the ground as the trees and brush rushed past him in a deep green blur. The natural rythm of his heart and footfalls had kept him blissfully unaware of an interloper but his internal reflexes were "on point" as the young brown heathens say. He brought his mind into focus and noticed a pair of deep brown doe eyes blink through the camoflage of the leaves. At first he believed that he was being chased and picked up is pace until he noticed that the figure galloped beyond him. He was in a race and judging by the decidely female scent, to lose would be an affront to his virility. Priest or Not gender rules always trump the man-made order of so-called civilized society.
I know it is short my friends but the Jesuit is really complex and this encounter is so important to me and to parties involved that I have to get it just right.

Plus I am packing for my trip and planning 3 others (italy, Africa, Portland(to visit friends and hike of course and to talk to an artist about some work---gosh dont I feel important)
2008 is already the shit.
I start planning events in my store this year and I already know that I want an art show that features the work of My homie Miss Jamila John! Her Hibiscus series is freaking inspired! We went to a gallery show tonight and saw the most overdone and pretentious showing of Asian inspired art! Of course it was all Chop Mark series so it was just a bunch of "Peace" "Tranquility" and "Love" characters on different canvases using different mediums. Blech. It was so commercial, surface and pedestrian that I actually felt bad for some of them (even though I only recently started sketching and using charcoal just to add dimension to my writing). I know that sounds bad but sometimes artists dont even realize that they have usurped someone else's voice as their own. I understand that trends come and go but for an artist to be a slave to trend makes them creatively impotent in my opinion. I know it sounds mean but that is what being an artist means. People can sit back and take an armchair approach to your writing and you just have to take your medicine, BELIEVE ME! I KNOW!
Of course I want to host an art mixer and most definitely a whole gang of poetry nights! I am so freaking excited.
I sent more work into two separate literary journals last night and am finishing a piece right now to be sent next Monday (I send out work every Monday).
Okay well that is all for now.
Be safe and be true and know that Karma sometimes works a heck of lot more efficiently than you would have or could have imagined so be real with yourself and straight with others.
I love you all sincerely and I love life madly and Karma damn near exclusively!

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