Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am actually nearly finished with the first of my series books (The Sovereign Chronicles) and had the nerve to actually do some editing on another finished book. The other one is also in the science fiction/fantasy genre but is vastly different from my warrior Goddesses. I am feeling pretty pleased with myself since I checked my grades for the semester and wouldn't you know it I am STILL 4.0 in this piece! Only 6 classes until I have that Masters and begin work on my Doctorate! I plan to have my PhD by my 38th birthday. But then there is my writing which will enjoy a tunnel vision approach from now until infinity.

So I watched the New Hampshire debates and I have to admit, it was really interesting. I still dont know who has my vote. This whole race is so exciting because everything is so up in the air. I think that this might have been what the founding fathers envisioned when they usurped this nation and defected from England to construct the USA. LOL!

MOST IMPORTANTLY--(This is a note to a select few who think they are on some slick shit)

I got an email telling me that folks are discussing me and some are being so bold as to threaten me. Wow! It's nice to be noticed but I still didn't bother to go read any of the nonsense. I avoid chaos like the plague now and uhm that is for sure some silly ass chaos. Especially when I consider the source. I did talk to a friend of mine at H.P.D. (Houston Police Department) though about what to do about perceived threats. I told him that I didn't read any of the sources (just the email I got this morning) but I need for folks to know not to fuck with my Zen all the damn same. I mean for real....
what I unload here is MY shit! I own it and if I want to share it then I will, and I have.
Of course I still haven't talked to anyone of these people nor have I visited their space in the physical sense or their cyber worlds.
On the flip side, they keep visiting me it seems. Then they get someone to send me an email telling me to go read this or that (which I ALWAYS decline).

Look! Don't Fuck with my ZEN.

Especially if you dont have business with me in the first place. Which this other person actually doesnt. I think they even wished me a happy birthday last month, now that I think about it. I think I wished them one too....WTF?
Or hell, if you really want to get involved you could PAY off them damn DEBTS for a sister! That trip to Africa aint cheap by any means... and I would LOVE to recoup some of that monetary loss.
In short Please tell whomever it is you got sending me messages that I ain't interested, I ain't gonna go read up on what none of y'all out there doing and if I need to I will get a cease and desist order if I feel threatened. DAMN! For real.

If you think I am kidding about Karma just think about the folks who play at piety and how far they fall.
Dont fuck with people's Zen under the guise of friendship when what you are really dealing with is unrequited love (just put it out there and be real. It aint easy but at least the shit is genuine, just like my venom if I get one more note from that direction).

If you're happy just be happy and let me and everyone else do their thing.

There is a GREAT science fiction story coming y'all. I promise. I just wanted to get that stuff off my chest. I am done taking people's shit. That was last year, this year I defend myself with bloody swords and an acid tongue so let's stay civil and let's stay in our own fucking yards shall we?

Okay, that being said, it's back to sci-fi!

Damn! Done corrupted my chill ass vibe! Fuckers!
I'm off to meditate some of this mess away!
BE SAFE AND BE TRUE (BE TRUE if you never do another damn thing in your life, do that for yourself)
I still love you all sincerely and
I even love YOU clowns but please stop tripping okay? I'm biting my tongue but you are really starting to push it....


PurpleZoe said...

You better stop playin! Are you seriously almost done with the first book of the series?!? Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, you don't even have to reveal the source of who happens to be harassing you. We all know you've got some hating zealots trying your truth.
I'll tell you... consider the source.
Truly spiritual people are spiritual because They LOVE in general, and LOVE The Source (whatever anyone perceives The Source to be), NOT because they hate and are so filled with fear they become rigid, punishing, and in denial about their own dark actions because they're so busy looking for fault in others...

Keep your head up. When you know the deal you know the deal.

Not all of us are brianwashed from colonization.

And what was it Einstein said?

'Genius minds always encounter violent opposition from mediocre thinkers?'

(definitely paraphrased but that was the jist and girl is it ever true)

*raising my black fist*

Handle your bidness my aware, and uncompromisingly intelligent Sistah.
Rejoice that your mind is yours, just as the universe intended, seeing as it was given to you...
When the real spiritual revelations start to hit the masses in an undeniable fashion (ahem... from within), its gonna be real interesting watching the folks on their high horses catching their reflections in the mirror...


Eb the Celeb said...

Congrats on the book!

Femigog said...

PZ! No ma'am I aint playing! The first is almost done and I am on cloud freaking nine! Now if I can get folks to chill the hell out and do them while I do ME I will surely be one-hunnid!
You hit the nail on the head when them colonized minds! I am so over fake ass revolutionaries and fraudulent followers of Christianity. They just fuck it up for everybody.

You should know that you are one of the few who will receive an advance copy of my manuscript. You have been so awesome and consistent in your support of my off the wall vision of super-sisters changing the world.
You know I love you PZ, keep up the phenomenal work over at the Underground!

Hey Eb! Thanks a heap! I am on my way to check out your spot today as a matter of fact.

Mizrepresent said...

Dang Femi...why folks want to hate on you...i feel for them gurl...cuz you don't play. Anyway, hugz! Folks some small-minded folks never want to see you's a shame too, but this stupid fight ain't for you, so keep doing what you are doing and rise above the foolishness. Damn i sure do hate mess!

Femigog said...

You are so right Miz! So right!

PurpleZoe said...

((((((Massive Hug))))))

I'll be locking myself in my room and inhaling it.


I Love You Sistah Femi

P.S. Glad you got your Zen back.
I've had my moments where I envisioned a mirror facing the direction negative energy was coming from to send it back.

Your lifeforce is yours and you share those sunrays with whom you choose.

The time of energy thieves is coming to a close for real. I can feel it.

lea78 said...

who? that's all I need to know is who? where is my vaseline? see I don't have myself together like u do yet, and please believe I will beat somebody's ..... well u get the pic. they can't mess with Karma's biggest luva. in the words of my grandma, "they betta go do something safe" congrats on the book as well can't wait to buy my copy so that i can get ur Jane Hancock on there

Femigog said...

Lea! I aint nothing but some silly broad trying to cut for some silly ass fraud. It's done. Ima let Karma deal with them and just keep doing me! and dont worry you will DEF get a signed copy of anything I publish! You know you my real ass blog sis!