Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A grand old time! A first of many boring vacation entries

well I had a uhm well, Grand time at the Grand Canyon over the weekend and then had to get right back to the grind on Monday so this post is a bit late. Anyway, the flight there was a bit rough to say the least. I riding in a bus with wings and about a crew of 50 including the flight crew! Sure it was a nonstop express flight and sure Continental at least assigns your seat and feeds you but good Gouda! Every time someone sneezed or shifted in their seat we experienced turbulent type conditions in that time horse and carriage affair.

Anyway I racked up some tasty sky miles and had a great trip to boot.

I dont plan. I dont. I am terrible about just living life by the seat of my pants and my poor friends indulge me on a level you wouldnt believe. Thanks ya'll!

I finally caught up with josiejunk after a game of phone tag. We met at Dave and Busters where we had food and laughs for miles!

okay now Josie is so hilarious which more than made up for the fact that I was a bit off my game (I had not slept for about 28 hours by the time we met her for dinner---what can I say I was so excited about my trip I couldnt sleep).

Okay so we order our food and dessert comes around. I decide to order the POWDERED SUGAR DOUGH-NUT HOLES. Josie leans over and asks me:

"hey, did you order the powdered sugar holes?"

as you can imagine, shenanigans ensued! Culminating in the promise that Me, Ryan and Nancy would shout the phrase from at the Grand Canyon in an effort to echo and appease the Dessert Gods....

Here is a slide show

Followed by the fantastic video!

That is all for now. Post number 2 will follow shortly!

Dont forget, be safe and be true and remember that while you're on vacation Karma is still on the job and clocking some serious overtime pay in some cases.
I love you all sincerely


Mizrepresent said...

Welcome back, we missed ya! Really, been checking in daily, glad you are safe and back at home lady! Holla!

Tha L said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Isn't the Canyon absolutely amazing?! I've gone there twice, and twice I had to stop myself from leaping over the edge. Call me crazy, but I think that would be the most beautiful place to enter the next life! Anywhoo, glad you made it home safely! Smooches.

lea78 said...

I dont plan. I dont. I am terrible about just living life by the seat of my pants
-----------------------------------As Sags planning doesnt fit in our plans. LOL glad to see that you are back and safe. I wanted to bit that Sundae.