Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All Right Already! I'll listen to the Promos

Hey all!First of all I have GOT to update my photo! I no longer have an afro, as a matter of fact I havent had an afro for nearly 7 months I think...anyway. Oh and forgive the typos!
Well I got a boat load of promos from the old salt mines and I have yet to listen to more than half of them. Now I have my stand by tunes that I listen to faithfully throughout the week. You know the ones that really compliment your moods depending on what those moods are. For instance in the shower I like a little something that I can sing along to. For a while it was Charlie Wilson's CD "Charlie, Last Name Wilson", now I love this CD! The whole CD y'all and I proved it every morning by crooning until I was a prune. Then I went back to Erykah Badu's "WorldWide Underground" until I came upon a worthy joint. And what do you know, in walked Al Green's new one "Lay It Down"! Oh my word! This CD is out of control with everything you love about old school Al and what you love about the neo-soul crowd. Anthony Hamilton sings the hook on Lay It Down and I wanted to do just that! Then there was the John Legend song and the Corrine Bailey Rae piece! I just wore that poor CD out. Well what do you think happened next? Well I'll tell you what happened next, a little lady with a big voice entered the scene and what can I say-- I was hooked. Duffy's "Rockferry" is in the process of rounding out my week for Bathroom tunes in addition to some standbys of course. Now when I am blogging or doing any emailing I like the world tunes. You know, a little Putamayo-Israel or even Putamayo-Cubano, of course Zap Mama's "SuperMoon" blew my mind when it hit as well!
Okay now when I listen to a CD I listen to it constantly to get at all the nooks and crannies, unfortunatly, that means it takes me forever to get to my other CDs which means I cant write reviews for them, which I try to do in a timely fashion for a few e-zines and the company newsletter. Anyway I am just gonna post the song I am listening to right now and hope you all dig it too.
Be safe and be true and invite Karma in for tea, she's already at the door anyway.

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Mizrepresent said...

Hey Femi,

Gurl, just glad to hear from you...glad things are going well and you are doing fine.