Saturday, July 26, 2008

Auto Buying!

okay, it has come to this. I am in need of a car. As I have gotten more interested in photography and have wanted to photo different locales and scenes, I have found it tough to do so via the bus. Now if our bus system was a good one like most major metropolitan cities this would be of no consequence. But this is Bush country (No Jamie, not the GOOD kind), the home of big oil and so any attempt to improve mass transit to the point of cutting down on the Two-Ton Pick-Ups meets with no small amount of dissension. That being said, I need a motor vehicle. one that is small enough to battle the economy and just large enough to feel safe and haul my junk and $5,000.00 or less. Yeah, I am going frugal.

Also I am moving towns after I graduate next May and I would like to have wheels just so that navigating in a new city might be easier at first. I am hoping that I have the fortitude to drive only when absolutely necessary (crossing fingers).
anyway, any advice you all have I am all ears!
I have never owned a car so this is gonna be interesting.

Be safe and be true cuz I dont have to tell you about Karma


nikki said...

yay on looking for the new ride! it can definitely be a daunting task. when i was looking for my vehicle a few years back, these are the things i learned:

1. no price is written in stone. you can negotiate.

2. definitely have any car you're interested in checked by a mechanic if you're going through a private owner.

3. find out what the blue book value is for the car before you begin negotiations. i think you can go to or't remember the exact sites.

4. check out as they have extensive user reviews of cars both new and used.

5. it's probably best to write down the "must haves" so that you can eliminate a bunch of cars from jump. i didn't do that initially and wasted alot of time.

6. CARFAX. i can't stress this one enough. you find out all KINDS of stuff when you carfax a vehicle. you can wait until you've got your choices narrowed down as i think you have to pay on a monthly basis or something.

7. if you're going to a dealership, take a guy with you. it sucks, but folk don't give females the respect in that arena and so you always end up having to go through so much bullshit if a man ain't around. just bring a male friend to avoid all that.

8. check any fees they try to tack on at the end of the purchase price. in fact, i would say to them "i'm paying this amount TOTAL...that includes fees, so if you can't give me that kind of deal, let me bounce now." i do wish i'd done that because i thought i'd gotten a deal but after the fees were added, i ended up feeling like i was paying too much.

9. don't do calculations based on monthly payments, do it based on the total amount for the car, cuz folk like to push those long term loans that make it seem like you're saving money cuz the monthly payments are low but really you end up paying a shitload over the long haul.

10. check out the internet before you head to a dealership. they usually have their inventory online so you can avoid going somewhere cold turkey with no idea of what you want. also, many dealerships have internet deals (which are also negotiable).

i think that's about it. good luck with your search!

Luke Cage said...

#7 by miss Nikki was on point. I can't tell you how many women have asked me to come with them when buying a car. Boy, dudes don't play around. They see the honeys coming and they go into some ol' "I can work her" mode.

Yeahh, the wifey wasn't crazy about them asking me to come, but that's also part of the intimidation factor of the way I look. Gruesome... -lol-

Hey after my most recent trip to comic con, I now know that I'm going to have to invest in a much better digital camera and I'm looking to straighten up my photo taking prowess as well. here's to us La Fem... ;)

Trina said...

Good advice all around has already been said - my best thing to add is TAKE YOUR TIME -this is a decision not easily undone...hope you enjoy shopping!!