Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend UpDate

Okay so I saw The Dark Knight and I will not, I repeat will not spoil it for anyone! It was fantastic! Heath Ledger was phenomenal and Aaron Eckhart was wonderful as Harvey Dent/Two Face! I love Christian Bale but I would have liked to see someone else in the title role. Not that he didnt do a stand up job, I just think that there was probably someone better. Now as for Maggie Gyllenhaal as the love interest, no thanks. I just didnt buy it but I do love her work as a whole.
Anyway I rented a car this weekend and so I have been on the open road just seeing the sights and clearing my head. I will chat with you on Tomorrow evening after work when I have a chance to upload some pics and really get into the details of a few things.
Be Safe be true and be sure to get out of your own way. You're not gonna block your Karma no matter how much you try....


Trina said...

Your site is SO much fun!!! I just love the novelty - that's why I added you to my blogroll...please stop by and tell me what you'd suggest for mine if you get a chance...I'm at -just a week old, so I'm wide open for any comments from you pros!! : )

PurpleZoe said...

Heath Ledger was incredible in this movie.
I don't think there will be another joker to top his performance. Bless him.

I agree that Christian Bale could be replaced with someone more fitting (Lord knows, I'm tired of the fake deep bass voice of Batman... really sounds off to me).

Overall The Dark Knight was great (though my son and I gave the ending scene a side-eye as we felt it could have been written better... It seemed a little off after all of the fabulousness that preceded it--- we couldn't get with the logic)

Also, Your luxurious words and art are welcome in Issue#6 (this year's Myth for underrepresented culture issue).
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Love, Light,
and Virtual hug ((((((*_^))))))