Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay Okay So I have been away for a while

It doesnt mean that I dont love you! Not at all. You see I have been busy and of course lazy as well. There have been a lot of new developments though. For one I finally got a drivers license. I know, I know, I'm a little long in the tooth to be calling this a milestone but hey, I've never had one and I want to rent a car for a road trip I am taking with a best friend of mine Hopefully in September, and hopefully they will say yes. I love the open road and I really want to take in some inspiring sights and sounds.
I spent about 7 days in Portland and of course loved every minute of it. I went to this crazy joint that sells every kind of cupcake imaginable, even red velvet cake ones! I devoured them to say the least. I will try to load the pics if the lazy wears off soon...
I also spent some time cleaning out my closets in anticipation of a move in August. I know, I know, you wonder why I would move into a new place when my goal is to relocate entirely once this degree is done but trust me there are a plethora of reasons one of which is my creative wings need a bit more room to ride the skies.
My Sovereign Chronicles are really taking shape. The biggest issue is that the project is now far larger than I had anticipated going from a possible 3 books to likely 12! I know! 4 volumes at 3 books per volume and 12 chapters per book at least. The research for the whole thing has been so exciting that I spend far too much time just marveling over locations and ancient wars both mythic and real. The poetry had been stifled a bit but then a shift happened and my creativity was right back on point, I cant seem to turn off the font now!
My fancy God Daughter celebrated her first full year on the planet last week and what a lovely addition to the world she is!
Classes begin Next Month and I have a million things to do between now and then so I best get to it! I will be by to say howdy to all my long lost blog family!
Be safe Be True and know that to pay what we owe is the least we owe ourselves and others, ask Karma, she'll tell ya!

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