Tuesday, August 16, 2011

18 Days til DRAGON*CON

and I am ecstatic to say the least! I am so excited that I am constantly checking the website for new information and to reread the old information. Lame right? I know but I can't help it! The apocalypse track looks like it is gonna be fun, fun, fun! The only thing that sucks is  that Watson is not attending with me this year. So its me and the happening Guthries this year. Still cool as all get out though!
I started drawing again over the weekend and I think I have now figured out what made me stop trying in my previous attempts at portrait drawing and that my friends is: EXPECTATIONS! 
My expectations were unrealistic and of course with everything you attempt and fail to set realistic goals for, you likely fail at the attempt. This time I made some very modest expectations (which is hard when you have too grand an idea about your abilities---even in an area you have never before tested yourself) for my drawing goals. I am most interested in portrait drawing so I plan to focus on human subjects for the most part and honestly, despite my issues with proportions, with practice, I certainly be decent at it.
Oh here is something hilarious! I was being a sass-mouth at my Mom's this weekend and immediately the universe served me up a little shut your trap cummupence, I walked into the garage door and banged my forehead but Good! Grrrr! No big cartoonish knot or anything but there was a little bit of swelling that only I could really notice since Mom immediately forced me to ice my face for about an hour the second it happened...Hey Mom, sorry for the sass-mouth! LOL!
Oh, next month I will have been on my job for 2 years and get this...I STILL LOVE IT! I know! Its crazy right?
We move to our new place in October and YES I was hasty about choosing a place because I was worried about not getting some place decent for a decent price. I like the complex but I don't if Watson is crazy about it, but no fear, we're gonna sign a 6 month lease just in case we get there and wanna jump from a window. The upside is that we will be leaving the craptacular complex we live in now and will FINALLY have washer/dryer connections! WOO HOO! No more broken machines. There should be some sort of mild form of punishment we could inflict when the complex fails to keep their property up. You know, something that happens to the worker-bots in the leasing office; like sci-fi in nature that tells everyone who sees them that they work for a company that has crappy laundry facilities. I don't know what that would look like but still...
Anyway, this post wasnt really sci-fi in nature but it was a chance for me to catch up with my week with whatever poor soul still reads it...
Happy Karma folks

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