Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's almost that time again kiddos!

Dragon*Con is next week and I am beyond excited! I am going to be all over the place until I leave though because I still have to deal with the fact that we are moving in a month and a half and I should probably start throwing things away. Anyway back to Dragon*Con! where the heck to begin? This year I am going to be there from START to FINISH! I mean I get to Atlanta on thursday afternoon and I leave Tuesday at the end of it all! YES!!! I can't wait! I am like seriously spazzing out! The apocalypse track is where I am headed for some much needed doomsday funfare! (hmmm that looks wrong but it feels right--LOL). Watson isnt going but I suppose I can forgive him...too much work to do which is actually a good thing but he is certainly not excused from the yearly Arizona visit and Grand Canyon Trek (sp). Speaking of which I really have to get into better shape if I wanna hike Bright Angel Trail (yes I know we say that every year but this is the year I crush Ryan on that trail or at the buffet). Well I'm heading over to the Dragon*Con site to see what I can see for next week!

Karma like a ninja (whatevs that might mean)

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