Thursday, August 11, 2011

So I love a good dystopia

and most certainly a good apocalypse! You know how I am about a good tear-down and rebuild.  I mean razed to the freaking earth! Love it! I also love when people get their comeuppance, it just feels so good. You know sometimes people mess with you and you turn the other cheek and then BAM the universe bends them over without lube and really rips them apart. Good stuff! Sigh...but I digress. I have been watching a couple's apocalypse and ultimate dystopia and it has been so effing healing.  When I write, I always think of my heroine and her flaws and the times she was hurt and how she will ultimately make herself feel better. That being said I always wonder just how much anger is acceptable on the page. Like, I know you can't go left in real life but on the page I like to really let the monsters out. I'm really just writing this for myself right now because I've been working on my heroine and didnt realize just how much pent up anger I still had over the wrongs I feel have been done to me until my fingers hit the keyboard. Suffice it to say My female lead "Rachel" is a beautiful beast, so don't think you can cross her and just walk away...If you've wronged me, know that I am rejoicing in your comeuppance and am certainly orgasmic over your sickening lot. And on some level, I can honestly say, I REJOICE in your pain. I'm so glad you're miserable and hurting if you made me hurt or made me miserable because DAMN-IT I know I didnt deserve it.
whew...glad I got that out, now I really don't wish bad will on anyone, but if it comes do a double take in the mirror and ask yourself how much of it really belongs to you. You probably owe someone an apology and I hope they accept it and I also hope they spit in your eye...yeah, nasty stuff when you're being honest, right? Hey, blame my heroine, she's the one feeling all the emotions right now!

Tame that Karma folks


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've always thought of my characters in terms of who I want them to be, not what I want them to do. And typically, for that reason, my characters greatest failings usually involve their inability to change, or grow. Epic stubbornness, if you will. (l should add, the exception to this is when I know the characters' destiny. Then it's all growth, all the time.)

What you describe is almost like id run amok. In a lot of ways, it sounds more primally satisfying.

T. S. Snowden said...

well, it is more primally satisfying and it is certainly safer if done on paper! LOL. And yes, it is almost Id run wild but some of the characters I create are pretty mangy especially when power is involved and that is what I like about an apocalypse and subsequent dystopia type scenarios, the utter chaos and primitive nature of it all. Some people dont want redemption, if I may quote Alfred from the Dark Knight, "some people just want to watch the world burn"