Thursday, October 11, 2007

Metaphysical Frauds and Other Paper Gods

It goes without saying that this will end in science fiction but it is based in non-fiction---
I sat up one night after the ultimate affront and read poetry to soothe my aching psyche. Now my self esteem was not utterly toppled but I had been a childish and naive woman. Infantile. I had trusted when my gut told me I was being made a husk, a dry and empty thing with a bank account to match. I am woman. I was scorned. I was infuriated. Or rather I was until I stumbled upon the words that expressed exactly what I was thinking when I ran across a catalog of bullshit...And then I received a visit from The Sable Sovereign--
When I die
when i die i hope no one who ever hurt me cries
and if they cry i hope their eyes fall out

and a million maggots that had made up their brains

crawl from the empty holes
and devour the flesh
that covered the evil
that passed itself off as a person
that i probably tried
to love--
(Nikki Giovanni)
The Sable Sovereign, who reigned for more than a thousand years, stood surveying her stolen territory. This property had been usurped and the offenders would pay dearly. Hell Hath No Fury..."how apropos" she mused...

"Suffer, you who joys in my suffering. I turned my innards out and wept blood into a dusty hard and cracked soul. Yours. Double Dealing, two-sided snake, serpent, liar, hypocrite.
how I marched hard through your waste to get to the real flesh of you.
The meat was gristle.
You were hollow and without nutrients. You are food for none. Not even fit for yourself."
The Sovereign now knew---

What is it that we do with False Gods?
You are one of ; the deceivers; the users; The so-called puppet masters.
As we have done in antiquity there will be No simple shunning or mockery for you.
The Sovereign will not turn the other cheek for it bears her tribal affiliation and she would not humiliate them further by honoring you further....that is the only right way.
It is, as the Norse ones had....your Twilight my Little Tin God.
Live hearty for now my friend--light will shine and burn the coal of your tongue to a cinder. Your own sad carcass betrays you even now as your body feasts upon itself while you sleep.
Pay what you owe or have it wrested from you before your lackeys.
I am your Shylock and I will have my pound of flesh. I will reap my harvest from you.

I am not mortal and I don't have to forgive a damn will never again pass yourself off as a King or God and you will admit your failings. You Will bow to the Sovereign and you will be better for it.
This was written about a month ago and I just got around to editing and posting it. I was in a funky place at the time and have since been soothed by my own endeavors and by the attentions of grown men. I told my tale of scorn to the Sable one and she relayed a story of her own where she did opposite of myself. She took the low road and ripped her betrayer from gullet to groin with Talons of pure Obsidian, turning the monster to dust. I had the same fantasies for revenge but opted to take the high road. My betrayer owes his debt to the universe and who am I to interfere with that kind of Divine Karma?
Be peaceful friends you never know who holds the key to your salvation...You never know who will keep your secrets---I get your Stop Snitching references now Don! I truly get it.
I took the high road....

Peace Friends


Anonymous said...

First Visit. Wow! Pretty deep stuff hear lady. Checkin' for more.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

gurl, only edit my stuff when i send it to my copy editor before publishing a book. You should do that. Excellent read as usual

Femigog said...

@SG--thanks a bunch! Please read and comment as you like...checking you out in minute!
@TS--I try not to edit but I get it into my head that I can do it all when I honestly should let fresh eyes do the work for me. I think that I will try your approach though! Thanks for the compliment! But then your writing is excellent as well.

Honey-Libra said...

First time by..I will def be back :)

Femigog said...

@HL thanks, come back anytime!

Bloodstream said...

Hey, I love it. If someone read your writing for a year and then finally met you they'd feel like they knew you for two.

Bloodstream said...

Keep them coming... and what did you tell me about editing...?

Luke Cage said...

She took the low road and ripped her betrayer from gullet to groin with Talons of pure Obsidian, turning the monster to dust

- DAYUM!!! From gullet to... I can't even repeat it.. holy shit. Okay, well... yeah luv. Have a great weekend. I sooo LOVE your writing. (Cage runs out of the room holding his jewels firmly in place...)

Don said...

Ohhhh I see you finally decided to take a pic with your shirt on....

Pretty smile.

Don said...

I knew eventually a snitch would find their way into your life. It never fails does it. LOL.

Femigog said...

Don! Thanks bruh! and I had on an african wrap in my last pic so it looked like I had no shirt on....look at you with your mind all in the gutter...hahahaha

Oh and on that snitch tip, MAN! I wanna rat this Dick out so bad it hurts but I fucked up and decided long ago to take the fucking high road. Karma will eventually eat his ass up but I do feel bad for the next purse he empties. I wish I could warn the sister for real...
I do take comfort in the fact that nothing about him works (and I mean nothing at all! I know its mean but he deserves much worse.)