Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fiction From Fact

This isnt Science Fiction although, it is part fiction...The Sable Sovereign was entertaining a "few good men" and so I thought I would catch up with some of the friends I hadn't seen for the last 6 months of wasted hell (yeah it was no picnic this way either). It was an excruciating time to say the least but I refuse to be negative. Hey, I own my own bullshit so...........let's all follow suit, shall we?
I was at a local dive, chillin and listening to some spoken word with some mugs from my youth and my old neighborhood. some Badu came on and Mutt ( his nickname) lit a clove cigarette and downed his Jose Cuervo in a fluid motion. He looked at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes (He is half black and half Irish) and leaned back in his seat.

"Aight ma' let's get at it."
I looked at my shot of Patro'n and then up at him. Ink from neck to toes, I do like my roughnecks...but Mutt aint the kinda dude you can just walk away from so I dont go there, EVER.

"Man, what? What? It's all good Mutt. You know me. I bounce back. First. Last. Always. You know how I do, boy." I slammed my shot and waved at Mike for another.

"You read that shit he wrote? I sent the Sarge (my(our) bestfriend, now in Iraq) a copy to check out. He thinks it was a threat against you. He called Doc. (Mutt's lawyer and our highschool friend) and had'im to take a copy of it it, just in case." He slammed another Cuervo. They called D to the mic and we listened. After the set the groupies was all over him. I aint mad at him, I remember my groupie days. LOL)

"I haven't read nothing he has written since I last asked him about paying me back. He aint never answer so I got Doc. the particulars and all the receipts I could find, His mail and shit too." I downed the second shot and waited for Mutt to say what I knew he would.

"Fuck that! He threatened your safety girl! Let's get dirty on his ass like he did with you." He shifted and licked his lips. Exposing the gun as subtly as he could. Damn! No wonder he stay in jail!

"Mutt! Put that fucking thing away! Are you crazy? No wonder they keep locking yo ass up! Look, that mess couldn't have been about me. I mean, hell if anything I should be plotting on his ass. I told you, I'm taking the high road and I mean it. You know I dont get down like that." I paused and looked past him at nothing in particular before continuing, "I should but I dont."

"Yeah you should."

"But I dont. So let's talk about something else. How is ya girls doing?"

"Oh they cool. They moms need help but my daughters is on point. You gonna let me hit that or what? Nate used to tell me about y'all when you was with him." I pretended not to hear him and kept talking.

"So y'all getting back together? You gonna make an honest women out of her soon?"

"Man, that shit has been through and you know it. So me and you is free and clear." He leans in and finishes. "I know you got an inch that needs scratching. Ya boy told me all about ya business. You'se a freak, we know." He chuckles and winks. Mutha fuckas, gossip just like women.

"Who says men don't fucking gossip? Y'all make me sick Mutt. You, Doc and Sarge all act like a buncha hens sometimes." I downed another shot and I was feeling pretty good despite being pissed at my boys.

"I knew he was fraud. Member I told you that shit at the jump? look. Ya pockets is light and he done bitched up and went to hiding out with another purse. Fraud ass ni**a!"

"Hey man! You know I dont like that word and can we please talk about something else?!"

"Aight, but Teaky (my nickname in some circles) we knew you didn't really trust him because you never would bring him around us or your people. You ain't crazy, and you ain't Captain Save a Hoe either. You need to remember that shit for the next time you start looking for Mr. Right. Ask your boys for advice and after we convene you can proceed with caution and us watching your back." His Cuervo is gone again.

"Both of us were at fault in some way Mutt. We both grown. Hell I know I made mistakes and he certainly did too. He just aint owning it yet. So fuck it, it's his Karma not mine. subject." Still downing shots.

"Ah, for what 6 or 7 months you said you was working yourself silly, put your shit on hold, let him fuck with your head and shit. And for what? A bitch ni**a? Sheeeeiiitt! Then! He tried to throw some bullshit threats out there? Tried to blame you for him being a punk bitch? MAN! You gonna tell your brothers right?"

"Hell NO! And you aint either! I am so fucking serious Mutt! Dont fuck with me for real. I dont do tacky and I dont do running and telling. I am GROWN, this was my fuck-up and I dont want my brothers or my boys or especially the fucking SARGE and his Igged in the head military men losing they minds over some shit I shoulda been watching for. I'm taking the fucking high road Ni**a, damn! How many times I got to say that shit? Fuck me running! Let's talk about something else please! You got me in here saying the N word and shit! Next subject. Period."

"Cool. So you drunk enough yet or I need to keep buyin?"

"I'm getting there but I think I might grab a snack to absorb some of this oil!" We both laugh and he scoots his chair closer. His legs are wide and I am nearly between them, his arm is on the back of my chair.
"So, you still a freak? I know you might be rusty and all but I know you got the goods still."

"Uh real smooth Mutt. Plus I am not about to get nowhere near your crazy ass naked! And you know this!" I knock back another. And ask for hummus(no more garbage besides booze anyway).
"Dang, you back to being a vegasaurus? Shit I think you lost all the dead weight you needed to a minute ago."

"Man! Fo real Mutt. Please. Shit we both was at fault I just happened to get the monetary short end of the stick this time. He didnt want to give me closure the civil way and so....anyway, I am keeping it legal and since homegirl told me what she said to him and why, I dont even care about the other shit no mo. Man! You can't trust nobody around that camp. You know, she said that she wanted to hurt his feelings and so she just played with his ego and he bit. That fucking easy. Hell, he was IMing the chick he checking for now from my spot! While I was at work!" My booze is catching up with me. I am letting shit out that I wanted to keep in....another shot and my hummus arrives (No pita please, carrot sticks and celery though). "I really shoulda known but hell, I dont know. fuck'im. He really isnt a great person and yeah he is full of shit but still, I didnt think he would run out on his debt. I really didnt think he would ya know." The hummus is perfect. "Shit, he really bent my pockets and---"

"And then the ni**a came up with some bullshit to try throw his debt out the damn way! You know that's what he did! He prolly didnt even tell the new broad about what he owe you and how he rode you and ya girls for half a fucking year. Foul. and I know that ni**a was trying to threaten you. you need to watch that shit and let us know if things start to get strange in your camp."

"Boy stop. I am keeping it all civil and if that aint his way it aint got nuthin to do with me. So you gonna check out the Cornel West appearance at Texas Southern with me next month? Bout time I run up on some flesh and blood revolutionaries again, plus I love writers who can get the word out to folks with limited access to information. We need all kinds of revolutionaries that. So I aint gonna trip to hard on you for them firearms. But you need to keep that shit on the low."

"Fo sho'. I will hit up that West spot though. I need to holla at man over that way anyway. Anyway, back to business....So you gonna let me hit that?"

"Ni**a please! I aint never gonna get THAT drunk." If I was truly fearless I would...but hell...I like it rough but shit....we dont call this dude Mutt JUST cause he mixed...dude is feral like a stray dog...still love him though. That's my boy!

Peace Friends, stay true and stay safe...

Sci-Fi next time. I promise.


Don said...

I do believe that you and TI (pun intended) are going to end up having a good old fashioned shoot out a bedroom near you.

"Oh they cool. They moms need help but my daughters is on point. You gonna let me hit that or what? Nate used to tell me about y'all when you was with him."

How dude gonna go from one subject to a completely different subject all in one sentence. The second sentence was what he was thinking the entire times anyway.

Funny stuff.

Invisible Woman said...

Good girl....keep it locked! That negro is trouble with a huge T, but only if you let him ;-)

Femigog said...

@Don-HA! Not if I can help it! I just have to keep chilling with him in crowded spots.....
!IW--I am trying hard to keep it on lock but damn! Mutt is double trouble but I'll be damned if he a beautiful ruffneck symphony! I am steering clear of trouble...for now anyway LOL

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, that was some good shit...i mean, i was right there, femigog, who knew, girl i got to visit you on the regular, for sure...or that's fo sho in my parts.