Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Godd-Ess Love

I once dreamed that a hyena, the scavenger, was tearing at my guts and gorging. I lay there complacent and almost dementedly content. When it got its fill, it used what was left to feed another one (hyena). I became outraged--jealous-- but did not react. I just lay there, wounds gaping, mind knowing and conscious, watching as this scavenger, scavenged me for another, who was scavenging it in turn.
Quite a circle only at the end of such a cycle, I was worse for the suffering and scarring. I woke up to a pounding headache and a sweaty brow.
The Sable Sovereign has joined this world and weaves her spell, enchanting all in her path...No more regrets....She listened to a song earlier today and told me a tale....We spoke briefly about her evening with a young God, whom she called "Ra"
A lesson young Goddess, one it took me 100 years to learn I will give to you in but the tiniest fraction of time--listen--
We miss it. We don't know how much until right then.

"Good Morning Brown Sugar."
A very strange phrase from a simple and straight forward man. Love it. The candor in the middle of the world, just like that.
"What I feel for you right now, is lust."
" really." Really is the statement, not the question. You see we already knew that, been putting that out there since we caught your scent sir.
can smell him from all the way over there. Masculine. The kind of masculine that makes women act like women. The kind that inspires the "coy mistress" in the fairer sex. That mixture of interest and something akin to fear but not...really...fear.
In mind and body, right then, begins the lie.
A perfect "No" on our lips and that faux defensive manner in which we throw back and reel in with fluidity,
some thank Eve for this skill but I thank Adam.
Without him, his Eve would not have known that there was more to want and better still a way to get it.
No hustling for attention. No watching as rewards go to someone else, wholly unseen or otherwise.
"Honestly woman, you don't know whatchoo workin' with."
"No sweetheart it is you who is in the dark my God of Light."

If someone were to take us apart and re-assemble the ancient woman, they would place her at the mouth of a cave waiting for the chance to cling to the strongest warrior, the best hunter, the most virile one--the one insistent on obedience, copulation and reproduction.
He watches every move. Making us liquid. Every murmur about the benign masks skin on skin.
Knuckle-dragging, business-handling, woman-pleasing, by-the-hair-wrangling, he-got-this kinda Man. And in return we give him that role, for without our consent he will conquer little more than himself...we are the reason, the question and the answer to one another. Nothing matters more than our connection brothers and sisters....

Will your feminist card be revoked? Hell N'aw! Nothing matters as much as the drive to be with one another bound in love and respect...
That's a good lesson I think


dc_speaks said...

this is some deep stuff! wow!

nikki said...

you know, sometimes i have to read your entry more than once in order for my slow brain to digest your meaning. in this case, i'm still chewing on it.

Femigog said...

@Nikki--it is really an abstraction of part of a series I am writing. The message here is the link between male and female and how the most basic dynamic between us links us eternally. The dialog is still kinda stilted and I am working out the kinks as we speak. Thanks for reading my madness!!!
@dc_ Thanks a bunch I really appreciate you stopping by! Come often...

Literary Felonies said...

Like Nikki, I'm still digesting, but it tastes good. Stay in the kitchen, darlin- I'm at the table hungry for the next course.

dc_speaks said...

ok..i came back.

will check back again soon


Femigog said...

LOL,thanks. I sometimes write as a character I made up and so the dialog can be a little stilted but dont worry I will work out the kinks!
You are welcome anytime!

Mega Rich said...

Yeah, that was good, I just couldn't really determine the taste. Still trying to get used to your cooking.