Sunday, November 20, 2011

Renaissance Festival was

AWESOME!!! We attended Barbarian Weekend this year and our costumes were GREAT! People constantly stopped us for pics and complimented us on our costumes. Here is my favorite picture of myself

Admit it...we look fierce! and we totally just took your village and tread over your crops and sold all of your fair maidens and of course, took your men as our slaves! LOL! Myclette the one with the scorpion breastplate made my costume for me and Jo, the made her own of course! I did my own face paint and let me tell you, that stuff itches! I should have used the kind that is made to last during hot weather because It would have ran less when I started to sweat a bit on the brow.  All in all we had a wonderful time and have to start planning now for next years All Hallows Eve at the Ren Faire! Since it is Halloween I think I might try to cosplay and choose a costume from sci-fi genre. If the costume isnt too cumbersome I might even try to cosplay at Dragon*Con next year. Oh here is my favorite pic of all of us at the Ren Faire this year, 

Oh and our other friends also attended but only Brandy dress in costume with us, she was a saucy wench but I dont have permission to post her pic so I won't. T didnt do a costume but got her face painted and Watson of course didnt wear a costume. He dressed really nice, sweater vest and all and I joked that he came as the Barbarian Horde's Accountant lest they be unfairly taxed for their acquired Plunder! LOL
That is all for now! Have a great day and be careful what you wish may get and then a barbarian horde may come to your town and steal your stuff! LOL
Happy Karma

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