Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hurray for Sweet November! And you should always double check those addresses...

Okay, I meant to ban the annonymous jerk who has been posting things about people I have no interest in provoking NOT my friends who tend to post annonymously. So, if you're my homie then post away annonymously but if you are not my homie, be cool and don't be rude.

Okay, so Halloween was a ton of fun. We decorated the place and the kiddos came for candy in DROVES! The costumes were so adorable that you can’t even stand it! Tiny little princesses, firemen, and ballerinas! Of course I wore a costume as well, and so did my oldest Bestie! I was a gypsy and she was a Pirate! Ha! We went to a costume party at our favorite spot and did our rendition of Salt-n-Peppa’s “Push-It”. I think you know we murdered that hit!  So much fun and of course one of our friends captured the whole thing on VIDEO and it is now on YouTube! If you are one of my friends on facebook you can see the video.

Okay so it's national novel writing month and I am participating yet again. This year, Watson and I are doing it together and hopefully this will add motivation for me to actually finish a product quickly without worrying about getting everything just perfect right out of the gate. I took up a whole writing day (yesterday) coming up with a plausible plot which I finally did and while it sort of relates to set of books I want to write I think since I have written nothing on it nor developed any characters for it (except the heroine---loosely) there should be no big deal. I wrote like 200 words last night before my bedtime so you know, only 49,800 words to go LOL!!!!
Be kind to yourself, don't play the blame game and have a little fun...

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