Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bestie!

today is the 39th birthday of one of my oldest and closest friends! She looks amazing and I wish her every single happiness! In an effort to help fund the liver transplant that her baby nephew received this year, my bestie is asking that in lieu of gifts that people send 7 bucks to  COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) for little Audric Beaulieu (he is 14 months old and is just a beautiful ray of sunlight). This is an amazing organization that helps parents fund very necessary but very expensive  medical treatments for their little ones. Donating to this wonderful organization helps countless families pay for expenses that reach into the millions of dollars. please take a moment to got to the website and maybe donate to the organization even if you don't have a child benefiting from the organization directly.
I am truly moved by the stories represented there and the strength and courage of the children fighting for their lives. It really helps me to realize how precious life is and how time with the people you love trumps any monetary gift one can receive. I really wish I had been more helpful to people as a young person, because I see now that focusing on pettiness and past wrongs kept me blinded to the larger and far more important picture. We have to do whatever we can everyday to be a little bit better than we were yesterday.  I see these families and these kids doing that everyday.
I try to be a little better everyday and it isn't always easy but the current big picture tells me that admitting who I am, owning my part in the pain of others and doing something to ease the pain of someone else is the only path to a better big picture in the future.
These families helped me further see that bitterness has no depth of flavor, it spoils an entire dish...
Hey, Check out the COTA page for little Audric HERE and My Besties Video for COTA and her little nephew Audie T right HERE and the reminder right HERE.
Okay, that is all on that for now...
now some stuff I just wanna vent about a litte. For crying out loud people, be kind, be sincere and always, always tell yourself the truth. It's tough but you'll be better off in the end... I have actually witnessed the junk folks rant about bite them in the rear-end and frankly it isn't funny at all-- is pitiable. I can just imagine how much folks pitied me for all the pettiness and meanness I put out in the world over something that in the long and relatively short run was truly of no consequence. When I got it all back, I wanted to blame someone else but the truth of the matter was that it was ALL my fault. All of it. I was smarter than the situation I involved myself in and I will always be ashamed of myself for my behavior, always. I grew up for real and For me Karma is real. I got from the world what I put in, no more and no damn less. So when you get garbage from the universe you have to wonder if you've seen that trash it something you threw out there only to have to digest yourself later?  Probably. There are 7 important tenets  of Buddhism and one has to do with sincere remorse and it is a doozy! I have sincere remorse for so many things and to make sure I never fall into that mindset again I apologize to the universe if I can't apologize the wronged party (even if they see ulterior motive it has to be done>). I have done that and now the anger is theirs to muck through and sadly...anyway, let's be better to one another and better to ourselves
Happy Karma

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I didn't know you posted this! Thanks! We are doing more fundraisers so let everyone know there are even more ways to help. Also, people should really consider being an organ donor. After all, you can't take it with you! :-)

~ Cocoa Goddess