Saturday, November 26, 2011

So I basically just bought Video Games

for all the Black Friday Shopping there was to be had!  I hate shopping, especially for clothes which is why my closet is full of jeans, concert t-shirts and of course costumes.  I know, I know, I should be better at being a girl by now but who the hell knew there was no internal switch in your body that automatically set their phasers to CHICK when you got your boobs during puberty (no matter how late puberty decided to show itself). anyway, I got some stuff I'd been wanting and it was a decent haul. Gamestop had buy 2 pre-owned games get one free so I got Fallout New Vegas and the re-mastered TombRaider Trilogy and Afro Samurai was free! I also bought all three of the Uncharted games and they are just ridiculously cool. Not as cool as say a 39 year old black woman who dresses in costumes for Renaissance Festivals, saves all year for a sci-fi convention and of course plays video games where she is an explorer who hunts relics in Boliva but cool enough!  I'm not really big on the whole religious aspect of the holidays but I am a fan of people finding the time to be together at least once a year to eat, laugh, play and hug-it-out.  I can't imagine  how hard it is for soldiers to be apart from their loved ones all year only to have to watch others bitch and moan about other people being thankful.  You don't feel grateful, fine! You don't feel thankful for anything, ever, fine! But guess what, you get to feel that way and act on because someone you don't know is holding a rifle in a country you have never heard of because they have the idea that fighting for SOMETHING no matter what it is or means to you personally is a far cry better than working your damnedest to shit on any and everyone else's cheer. Please get the hell over yourself!  I got an idea, you could be thankful that you get to sit on your but in a classroom yakking about the arts or whatever and not sitting under an overpass or ass to elbow in a soup kitchen. I know that is extreme but REALLY?  whatever! be a dick, and know that somewhere, you actually matter to someone else you douche! Yeah, someone is actually thankful for your cynical ass! ugh...I'm going to play video games!
Happy Karma


Anonymous said...

This one started off one way, and then kinda really went the other...

T. S. Snowden said...

Yeah, I know right? I was apparently a little ticked off...who knew? LOL