Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've always wanted to...

1. To create my own superhero! When I was a kid I would create comic strips with stick figures and I sometimes had to borrow paper to do it, because I drew and wrote on EVERYTHING. I always said to myself that one day I would create by own comic hero and she would be eat magic and keep balance in the world...I started on it finally this year.
2. Have my own podcast. I listen to some and they are entertaining for listeners and the podcasters. My friends and I like to talk movies, books, comics, and all things nerdy/geeky and I would love to record and cast those conversations. My favorite podcast is on NPR and is called Science Friday. I love that show because its just people talking about their favorite subject and so everyone is entertained. I actually started working on having my own podcast this year. I am still doing research though... I was on a podcast during Dragon*Con and it was a lot of fun! Of course the podcasters were really nice and funny and interested in their subject matter!
3. I have always wanted to write movie reviews for those syfy monster movies. Well I've always written them for fun but I have always wanted a forum to present them in. this year I actually got the chance to share my reviews with others on RevolutionSciFi and now that I have more time I can actually start submitting them more often to that site and others.
4. Hang glide! A friend of mine went skydiving a few years back and the video was amazing! I want to hang glide because frankly, I want to feel like I'm flying...and maybe sass-talk a bird or two while I'm up there.
5. seriously invest or play the stock market or something. I've been building up my emergency savings and getting my finances in line and I have invested in a few things. All related  to my job and relatively safe. I have a friend who is doing etrade stuff and while I may not be brave enough to really get down in there I would like to try my hand at the market...I think you have to initially do like 500 bucks with etrade which is not a crazy sum of money but its the deductible amount for any kind of care repair requiring insurance (when did I become such a grown up).

Well that is all for now. Be kind to yourself and others. You get what you give so be generous!


Anonymous said...

I got some Bombay stock I'll sell you. Premium stuff!

T. S. Snowden said...

LOL!!! Well, as tempting as that sounds I think I'll stick with my Borders Stock! hahahahaha