Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Muppets Fell Short but

Arthur Christmas was a HUGE triumph! Talk about an adorable feel good movie people! Arthur Christmas was heartwarming and sweet and it really made my day. The Muppets movie COULD have been that good but the guy who wrote decided that HE should play the lead role and what an abomination that mess was!!! Dont get me wrong, the Muppets were EXCELLENT in every single scene! That dude however was so freaking dull and boring that he massacred every single scene he was in! it was ridiculous!  The movie is still worth it to see even though that guy sucked!  LOL!  Anyway it is FINALLY cold here! Finally! Two days ago we were still having rain forest type weather. Muggy, Hot and bleh! Now it is wintery and cold and much more palatable!  I've been thinking about biscuits for some reason lately. I mean, literally thinking about fresh baked biscuits. I had a dream about some too a couple of nights ago. Why? I want to say it has to do with missing my Grandmother (her homemade biscuits and yeast rolls made me feel so good). I hope its about her because all my memories of her are wonderful!  She loved children and you could literally tell when she looked at you! Yeah, there are worse things to think about. I'll keep thinking of biscuits Granny and I love you!
Happy Karma

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