Friday, September 21, 2007

Alternate Universe and Various Worlds

I was thinking a while ago about alternate worlds. Not necessarily of the parallel or outer-space type, just the various little worlds we find ourselves in daily.
There the work world, our home world and then our social world. How we mend and blend or keep separate these worlds really fascinates me.

At work I am basically as I am only I keep the profanity at a minimum and I use better grammar. That is to say I don't use a lot of slang or colloquialisms, it is work after all.
At home I use my most basic skill set of grammar and I don't watch what I say so as not to offend people. I nurse my wounds and vent my frustrations. I give license to my venoms, and short comings, I cry and scream and love hard in this world. It is the realist and surrealist of all my worlds. It is vast and has uncharted territories and regions filled with dark mysteries and naked, raw, bleeding truths. This place is blessed and cursed. I need it but at times I don't want it. It knows me.
In social settings I turn on the charm and wit. I talk of upbeat things and never let rain clouds cloud the fun. I am "On" as they say in the entertainment business.
This balance is a science. It is a delicate operation that many of us perform constantly and with finesse. It is unique and common all at once. In this skin there is always an awareness of other worlds and my place in them. To pretend that there is no difference is to negate an aspect of existence. The challenge to create balance can be draining, the art of achieving fulfillment can be precarious. The variables are always there and ever changing.
We are science. We are poetry. We are creativity. We ARE.
This is why I love science fiction and science fact. We are woven in automatically. How well we work our magic is a marvel.
Later Friends, I have an actual business meeting. WOW!

p.s. you can say alot of things about me but I am not a user nor a fake and when I wake up I stay awake. I have stayed true and I could get really tacky......but unlike some I actually keep my word.

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