Monday, September 24, 2007

Excerpt From Untitled Short Story and Life

Science Fiction writing captures the spirit of the black experience in a modern world for me. Our struggles are epic and our warriors are mothers, fathers, brothers and lovers. There is no "other" savior born of woman who will/should take up our banner and ride into battle on our behalf. We are makers of our own communities and destiny.-----excerpt below

I am Eritrea and I live in this place. I do not sleep because I am on watch. I keep the hours of the so-called Beast. I am a Nocturne. The music of body plays best when the sun sets. There are many like me who know that in darkness there is knowledge. Knowledge of all things hidden and necessary. It is why we are under constant threat. Languages have been corrupted to taint sable thought but we know better. So I and others like me watch and prepare. We will not wait to be baited and assaulted. Never again, never like before---

It was serene and comfortable but under some hidden threat that only a handful of us knew about. I stood there, surveying our hallowed grounds. This place is the home of our mothers and fathers. They labored under the molten sun that beats down on us still. They built our race under the glittering jewel of a Moon that casts is brilliant light on the shining ebonies paired in love this night and all others. They peopled the earth with the strong of mind and body. They knew what we have since forgotten. They were and we are, Parents, lovers, keepers of the earth, Warriors. If we remain sleeping and charmed all that will remain are our shallow and surface gifts that others ape and contort. Our Proud History of adornment has already become spectacle and caricature. We have become a marketing campaign while we duck and dodge as moving targets still. Have we overcome?

We are the stewards of this place and have the great responsibility of protecting the multitude of this land whether they have asked us for our help or not. There is a poison seeping in and taking hold. We are a young nation and the deception has been welcomed as a saving grace. The few of us know of this lie of the masses. We know that there is no magic in this soulless messenger. But our people, our trusting, creative and beautiful people are charmed and stunned by these conjurers of nothing. These purveyors of smoke and mirrors. We are full of Snake Oil.

The wise handful had seen this tainted spell work before. It had charmed us out of our stability, sank holes into our soul and dredged the sterling strong golden blood from our core. We were left hollow in their wake. This could not happen again. We will not allow it.

We have knowledge of some enigmatic source that is inherent in everyone but cultivated to the fullest in but a few.

There is no choice and no second thought. We are to stand and make a noise against that which would shake the foundations of a society that is already in the toddler stages of development.

Early one warm dusty morning WE, equipped with our faith, our staff and the clothes on our backs left our home toward the mouth of the beast. We would fell this monster or die trying. It is the least of what we owe the Most of us....


Lovebabz said...

I love Sci Fi! and I love that there are other Sisters who love it too. I was so sad when Octavia Butler passed--Parable of the Sower is my absolute favorite. Thnaks ofr stopping by my blog. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. And I see we are fellow members of the African American Opinion blog. I look ofrward to visitng your blog often.
Good writing!

Femigog said...

Thanks lovebabz!

nikki said...

OHHHH SNAP. that was AWESOME! you're gonna add to it right?

Femigog said...

Thanks Nikki! I am finishing it right now!

Mega Rich said...

I'm not into sci-fi so the style was very different for me to follow, but I'll keep checking you out. Maybe you will add to my my list of pleasures.

Literary Felonies said...

Honey, I've looked up and found heaven! Girl, I'm a sista/sci-fi junkie, with few appreciators in my community. New to blogging, I've been trolling the sites like a maniac, discovering new life in the written word and I came across yours via CAPCity. I'd love to include a link to your blog on mine, happy to have a co-conspirator of the ilk!

Femigog said...

Mr. Mega@ Thanks for checking me and I appreciate your comments. I also write fiction but I focus on sci-fi because it is so under represented in our community and we some amazing talents in this genre.

Literary F!@ Get out of town! We are gonna have a blast girl!