Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Speech Sounds is Excellent for starters

Okay so I love Science Fiction and it is really interesting to find other black science fiction writers. Of course my favorite writer is Octavia Butler and I have read all she has written at least once but generally more than once. My favorite collection of stories by any author living and/or past is Bloodchild and Other Stories by guess who---the one and only Octavia Butler.

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The absolute best story---in my opinion---is called Speech Sounds. It is an amazing commentary on human connection and power of verbal and non-verbal communication. I dont wanna go on and on about it because I know that you cant wait to run out and check the collection out for yourself.
Black Nerds Rule!


nikki said...

thanks for the heads up. i'm gonna pick this one up this weekend.

Femigog said...

Hey girl! Where the heck have you been?! And you will LOVE all of the stories I promise you!

Villager said...

Femigog, it is great to find a blog devoted to Black folks that like science fiction. Have you read Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson?

peace, Villager

Femigog said...

Yes Villager I have read that one and I love it! Thanks for stopping in and I will be sure to check you out!