Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kravitz and the Sci-Fi two-step

First the mundane:
Well folks, so ends another day for me. I wrote for 2 hours today (I usually only write for an hour). For some reason each time I looked it seemed that no time had passed and so I began my hour anew until I finally looked at a clock and noticed that my day was getting away from me. I still had write a one page paper on some element of International Human Rights and a response paper to The Marriage question in Jane Eyre. I located said article and snapped out the page in about 15 minutes. The same with Jane Eyre, it seems as though I belched and the page was written.
Hm, I wonder what that says about me. Nah, no I don't. I stopped at Half Priced books looking for a book by Nalo Hopkinson called "The Little Brown Girl In The Ring" to buy for my niece (my copy looks pretty bad with all my notes and such) but instead found a copy of another book by Hopkinson called "Midnight Robber".
I had not read it and so I grabbed it along with a copy of Steven Barnes' Firedance, and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 (there is something about this book that keeps me reading it, getting rid of it, buying it again, reading it and then....you get the gist). The Hopkinson book has me hooked so far and I will give you a review upon completion. Although I am reading a few other titles at the same time (I know, I know but ask around and you will see that a lot of folks do this, especially the writers I know)
Now Hopkinson and Barnes are both black science fiction writers in case there was anyone in the known world who is unaware so if you care to read some sci-fi in Indigo I recommend both of these fellows. Bradbury, well everyone who knows sci-fi knows about his work and so.....

Now for the good stuff:
Okay so I was listening to Lenny Kravitz and noticed that when "Are You Gonna Go My Way" came on I felt more of myself as I typed. Maybe It was the driving drum beat and the bass-line(the sister drummer puts it down as always!). It made me think immediately of time when I felt pressure. Not the kind you see in movies of the "cut the red wire!" variety but that good stuff. You know, that "we gonna do this or not" kinda pressure about something you have already done in your head a million times with no provocation. Yeah...that right there. It's in the opening lines---his propaganda---the charmer---silver tongue, tell me something good!

"I was born
long ago,
I am the chosen, I'm the ONE!
I have come,
to save the day
and I wont leave until I'm done!"(Lenny Kravitz)

I can see this person, majestic. The power holds you in thrall. You can't wait to follow. That is what I get out of some writers words. I can see A Savior in their words. I want to be led and so I am. This is how I start every sentence I sit down to write. I listen or read words by writers (could be song writers, poets, fiction writers any writer really) and think, would I go his/her way? I see the landscape, the people, I can smell the space. I am a loyal subject, command me and I will obey but you better be the real deal. You don't wanna know what happens to false Gods, now do you?

That is writing! The genre doesn't matter (I have a soft spot for sci-fi but whatever). Grab us and take us in, feed us, clothe us, tame us. Yes I am very dramatic but I can't really help that and so you get the task of wading waist deep in the quagmire of my melodrama, no worries though. It aint quicksand and you are sure to emerge on the other end intact.

I think I will put in a little Annie Lennox see where I end up!
(my favorite songs by Annie are "Cold" and "Why"--dont worry we will talk about this later).


Luke Cage said...

Hey smiley! Sorry I haven't stopped in to check on one of my FAVORITE bloggers but ever since that stupid firewall went up on my job, a brotha cannot blog from work anymore and by the time I get home... mannn, it is nuts.

I can't find the time. But I see nothing has slowed up on your end. You are STILL the awesome Femigogess and bringing that hot sh.. (ooooh, you said a bad word!-smile) But I love your eclectic taste in music.

Yes I am very dramatic but I can't really help that and so you get the task of wading waist deep in the quagmire of my melodrama I say Got-dayum, I missed ya!

Don said...

The Kravitz penned song It Aint Over had some of the most beautiful and spiritual lyrics as well. Still one of my favorite songs of all time. He doesn't appear to have it within him, but the Gift is definitely there.

We kinda approach writing the same ways - with vengeance.

I don't know if you've ever read the works of the late Ralph Wiley but check him out ... the man is hell with the way he twist real life emotions within his pieces.

Literary Felonies said...

Femigog, my girl! I was 'bout to comment on the same line, "wading waist deep in the quagmire of my melodram." until I read Luke Cage's (who, by the way is one of my favorite comic book personas). So, to reiterate his DAYAM, as the French would exclaim, "meme chose!"

Femigog said...

Mr. Cage@ why you gotta flatter me like man? thanks!
Don@ "vengence" I like that! i am in excellent company i think!
LitFel@YES! I love Luke Cage as a super hero and he aint too shabby as a blogger either LOL! Thanks for the French!