Saturday, September 15, 2007

Everything's Negotiable!

You know I have been thinking about changes in one's lifestyle and how we might change our lot by making everyday changes that we never thought we would. Okay, so that sounds a little convoluted and vague but hear me or rather read me out.
I want something so so different from what I have right now. And honestly up until now I had this idea that somethings in my life were simply non-negotiable. This is not the case. Like with Science fiction writing (you knew I was gonna dump this in there somewhere didn't ya?) everything doesn't necessarily depend on something else. The real twist on the genre is that NOTHING is non-negotiable. You can have communities where no one communicates verbally or where lower animals talk incessantly to their owners, or heck where children are kept based on whether or not they can see 3 dimensions at birth or not (I don't know how anyone would know it but heck its sci-fi and no rules are sometimes the rule).
I try and try to shift my thinking but only to the extent that my so-called mainstays, well stay. This isn't the way to go about it at all I think. Perhaps I should apply my writing life to my other lives or rather maybe they all should have a meet and greet and whole new conglomerate should surface? I mean I am making progress but not to my satisfaction (and really that is my goal, satisfaction). I don't necessarily want science fiction/fantasy existence but I do want less stops in place. I want a more negotiable sorta life. A life where I can decided that I don't have to do A before B can happen, maybe since I am staring M in the face I can just take a bite out of that first an then cruise up on previous or subsequent letters.
You know what I mean?
Funny but while thinking about this I thought about a song I used to like by a group whose name I can't remember called Semi Charmed Kinda Life. The sentiment isnt literal but I get what the guy's getting at ya know. I get it. Oh and the group is Third Eye Blind

Later days and just cause you haven't seen it doesn't mean it isn't there!
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