Monday, September 10, 2007

Excerpt From "Noah"

They waited patiently for permission to board. Noah stepped onto the bus and paused at the driver to be cleared before proceeding to a seat. She sat in the second seat to the drivers right before the great windshield, just close enough to see the hypnotic markers lining the road but just far enough out of earshot of the driver. She would not have to endure endless prattle sparking flashes of scenes from his less than mediocre experiences and forcing her to work for free no less. Technically public transport was supposed to be quiet unless there was a special dispensation allowed for a family vacation or pleasure trip of some sort. It was forbidden to have random and unregulated discussions during regular workday movements. The drivers were typically exempt from this rule if they were members of the Highers or special pets to Highers--those from one of the Waves who had completely thrown themselves on the mercy of the now ruling class.

Noah shifted in her seat when an elderly woman squeezed her ample body in next to her and pressed her right hip too firmly into the left side of Noah's body. Noah hid her disdain and continued to blindly stare out of the front window.
"Hot day," the woman said much to close to Noah's cheek.
Rather than answering Noah shifted in her seat and continued to stare forward. This was customary when one wished not to engage. One simply did not engage. Then silence would once again settle in.
"I said, hot day," the woman said again to Noah's cheek. This time she left a trace of spittle on her skin, a tell tale sign of an interloper from a lower level. Noah pretended not to notice and discreetly pressed the button to the right of her seat. Within moments the bus was crowded with Techs.
"Bitch!" The woman yelled and swung at Noah but missed as a couple of brawny Techs restrained her and led her unwillingly off of the bus." You could have spared a few visions!" I just wanted to remember them for a moment. Before all of this!" The woman shouted obscenities and thrashed violently to get out of the hold the Techs had on her. She was unsuccessful.

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