Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Dont Really Do Thanksgiving but---

I dont really do Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter (I am a pagan or heathen as some others might say). I do have many things to be thankful for and I express that daily in my interactions and in my endeavor to be a good person who is trustworthy and TRUE to themselves. When I say I dont do holiday's I aint just trying to sound Eclectic.....I am alot of things but I aint a fake or false revolutionary in the least. I do respect the holiday season and do enjoy many of the pagan traditions that have been usurped by the Christian church (you know like Easter eggs--which are an ancient Pagan practice which translates into fertility, the Christmas Tree which is also an ancient Pagan practice which is an homage to the earth mother) Now thanksgiving is different. Native Americans do not celebrate this Holiday and lemme tell you, after living on a reservation for a minute in my youth I totally understand their reasoning.....that being said lemme share a little bit of La Femigog with y'all This Glass Bead and Malaria infested blanket Day----

Hello all, I am feeling a little nostalgic and decided to post some ramblings about my family's home-town. Gloster, Mississippi is quaint and quiet and decidedly southern. I visited during Hurricane Rita in an attempt to leave Texas and the storm behind but unfortunately Rita followed to a degree. No heavy damage and the family was able to spend some quality time together. I took the opportunity to visit some of our old stomping grounds and some of my late relatives haunting grounds.

This is the fireplace that stood in my grandparents bedroom. Its weird because I could smell the wood burning like it did when I was 10 years old! (More than 20 years ago)

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It would get very cold in the old house at night even though it was southern Mississippi. I am told that my grandfather (Paw Paw) built the 9 bedroom/1 bathroom house himself over a time. The house was wood and had a tin roof. My grandfather died a few years ago during the Thanksgiving holiday and we buried my grandmother (Granny) on New Years Day of this year. At any given time during the summer there would be nearly 20 grandchildren in the house who had to share that 1 bathroom. These days that would be unheard of (and it should be! LOL) but we had quite a time at that old house. Standing in line for the bathroom every morning with my cousins was actually a lot of fun. We had to be quiet and look straight ahead (Paw Paw was in WWII) and be "ready" for our turn which needed to be as swift as possible as others needed to use the facilities.

The fireplace seems so small now but as a kid it seemed like it would swallow the whole house when it was lit. The smell of pine chased us through the entire house. I miss those hot summers, the foot-tubs filled with fried fish, the Stageplank cookies and being young, being with cousins who doubled as bestfriends, and swimming in an actual creek every single day, and oh the sound of rain on that tin roof.

I remember nature everywhere, raw and obliging all at once. We saw snakes that never bit us, wasps, bees, yellow jackets and walking sticks (the insect) that went along their way, never giving us a second thought. We let them be and they let us share their space peacefully and not so peacefully when we became too aggressive in our curiosity of them. I miss this life as I type on my laptop at a Wi-Fi cafe in "civilization". I want both the "middle of nowhere" and freshly prepared sushi. I think in the end I will give up the latter for the former, if I wake up and smell the noxious fumes.

If You get the chance please read my last post on the Sovereigns and gimme your feedback

Share a story from your past with me, Stay true and know that the next time you see Karma you may not be ready so get right with Her now!

I love you all!


Ensayn1 said...

Femigog, What a small world we live in. My Fam is from the "Sip as well. Our people come from Greenville and Duck Hill. I love Mississippi, it is truely a mystical place. Mississippi is the true home of the Seven Sisters. Have you ever heard of their? That Mississippi is their original home not Louisana as some say? Have you ever studied Mama Marie LaVeau? Mississippi is very mystical to say the lease

Mizrepresent said...

Wow, that was nice...thanks for sharing. A few years back, i visited Brunswick, GA and St. Simon's Islands...but what i most remembered was visiting a slave such plantation still had parts of it's house remaining, and what stood in the middle of the house was a brick oven much like the one pictured in your post. This was like sacred ground to me...and i couldn't help feeling something in that place, so much so...i had to leave, but your post generated that memory.

lea78 said...

Louisville MS native, so small so country. LOL We were right outside of Starsville in good ole Winston County. Maybe when I am older I will retire there, it is very peaceful. Your grandfather built a big house for MS. all those bedrooms. Lawd it must have been one big family

PurpleZoe said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes, especially where you mention the peaceful cohabitation in nature. Growing up in less than natural territory, I can only imagine these kinds of experiences, and immerse myself in them with abandon when I find references and images.

I can dig not feeding into holiday hype as well. The Christian church definitely founded their holidays at the same time as seasonal solstices, stole rituals and painted them over. This in addition to plagiarizing and detracting from and editing books of the Bible... The Vatican admits that there are 14 plagiarized passages in the Bible no less.

On this end my son and I started celebrating Gratitude Day in the stead of holidays founded in corrupt roots. It's a no meat eating, ancestor revering floating holiday set aside as an alternative to replace the crimes society wants us to forget by painting them over with smiling faces.

These commercialized celebrations of genocide, and related colonization practices are twisted and so many people have no idea what they're contributing energy to.

I posted about it recently.