Monday, November 26, 2007

The Sovereign Chronicles--Gretchen finishes at the Club

Now if yall remember Gretchen the newly labeled Reaper Sovereign was taking apart the club she once danced at and was violently harvesting souls for the Cause (which I cant really discuss yet). Here is the rest of it and for the first part of it go HERE

Please. C.C. I need to go to the hospital. I wont tell nobody you did it." He gagged on spit and vomit before wailing in pain again.

(10) Ten let the countdown begin
(9) I was born in the mind
(8) Take the head of a snake
(7) Behold Armaggedeon
(6) Ain't no love for the rich
(5) Only strong will survive
(4) Cause we live by the sword
(3) Plus sixty degrees
(2) For the black and the blue
(1) For the sun.. step into millennium
The name of this one is Judgement Day
No more BS, can't come out and play
Method Man--Judgment Day

"I dont give a fuck who you tell. Member all them times you shook me for my money? Making me blow you for protection and shit?! I wish you would tell somebody!" She stomped his knee and he shit himself from the pain. "Member all the times you called yourself the paper-chaser? Well I'm the Damn Bill Collector Mutha Fucka and Yo rent is Due!" She leaned in close to his face and slapped his forehead back to look into his eyes. Panic rose in him as she shot images of ancient tortures into his brain. He saw men castrated with crude and primitive weapons, raped with all manner of objects and skins being peeled from living bodies of Prisoners of Ancient Wars, Holy Wars fought in a Universe far removed from the present one. "You just became my fucking lap dog. Do you hear me?" She thumped his head with a force so hard that it caused a fracture in his skull and set him to drooling. He nodded emphatically as his eyes crossed involuntarily. She blinked and he slumped over into unconsciousness. Gretchen looked up just in time to duck a bottle of Patron that was flung at her head by another bouncer. "Carlos", she whispered to no one in particular. She let him advance on her to within a few steps and blew two puffs of air at his feet. He looked down to find his feet immobilized in blocks of ice. She stood and walked over to him.
"You know Carlos, I always liked you. I really did, but you got some debts due too know dontcha?" She continued to walk toward him, the cannon in her left hand changed shape to form a larger than life mace. The spiked edges of the medieval weapon glinted in the twinkling lights of the club. She smiled as she watch the horror on his face shift and transmogrify as he realized what was to come next. "I got a few questions to ask you Los! And for every answer you give me that I don't like, I am gonna free your feet the hard way." This was mania. To be controlled in destruction. To enjoy the wriggling unknown of your own capabilities. This was Sovereignty. He crossed himself and kissed the crucifix around his neck as tears streamed his cheeks.
"I dont know nothing I swear Cane! I dont! What are you doing? You're a nice girl. Remember? I always said you were nice!" He tripped over his words and infused them with a mixture of Spanish and English. Madre de Dios! Please! You are the Devil! La Diabla! Mother Mary in Heaven!"
His flood of religious words made her laugh. Suddenly he found God and Mary. How pathetic he was to her now.
His arms flailed and he screamed in agony as the feeling in his lower limbs began to numb from hypothermia.
"Now, for some Q&A," Gretchen replied as she playfully swung her weapon and the Mob she unleashed took grown men apart with rabid glee in the background."
Don't blame me, blame society
Type of chemistry for a live MC
Hands in the air like you just don't care
You all get a share, there's a party over here
Year two-thousand, keep bouncin
T-Minus, thirty seconds and countin
New York's finest, still wildin, Shaolin
At the full moon howlin
Get Til It's Gone, killa bee kills
Only time will reveal like the words in the song
Cause love's what I feel for my crew, bust steel
Method Man-- Judgment Day

That is all for now folks... I gotta get a paper done that I am presenting at a conference on the 9th of next month.
Love hard, love true and know that if you don't Karma is the cure.....


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Higher Mind Missionary ^_^

Can I just say that the following inspires shivers... I mean, dayum:

"You just became my fucking lap dog. Do you hear me?"
She thumped his head with a force so hard that it caused a fracture in his skull and set him to drooling. He nodded emphatically as his eyes crossed involuntarily.

lea78 said...

My Shero is back!!! I love her, that's right girl kick their azz. Carlos honey you are in a strip club and now all of a sudden you found religion. Men say some of the dumbest ish. You should really think about writing a book about this. and send me the first copy if you want I could be your tester

Don said...

Femi, you have quite the personality. lol. You are a really good writer.

Bloodstream said...

Its great! Damn she don't be bullshit'n, huh?! I got some crazy ideas. I'm going to add another excerpt from Mechnadrome tomorrow before I go to work. Holla!