Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gretchen Remembers Everything---The Pixie Chronicles

Alright, so the the consensus says that the Pixie stays. Gretchen just woke up and here we go....forgive the typos, I dont edit on the first draft...
Gretchen sat before the two women and wrung her hands even though she wasnt particularly nervous. The Sable One stood and moved from behind the great desk fasioned from the stump of an ancient oak tree. She strode towards Gretchen and spoke...

"Novice Sovereign, you are looking quite well these days. Are you feeling well also?"

"Oh, uhm yes ma'am. I talked to the other lady a little and she says that I have been here for months, that cant be right because I remember meeting her at the club last night." Gretchen stretched a feeble finger towards the Pixie to indicate to the Sable one who she meant.

"Really? So it is the Genesis who inspired you to behave like a maniac in that whorehouse!?" Sable was upon Gretchen now. She had Fury blazing in her eyes and firm lock on Gretchen's memory in order to finally get at the truth of the novice's liberation from her former life. The Pixie was nonchalant and almost bored in spite Sable's anger. She hummed the hook of a new favorite song while the Sable One probed Gretchen's mind for the truth of club blood bath and the origins of the seven blurry eyed and confused women whowere so prone to violence that they bordered on homicidal lunacy.

"You know I really have to agree with the words to that song, Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gansta, by the Geto Boys," Said Genesis. Sable didn't appreciate this remark in the least and slammed her staff into the floor producing a broad crack in the foundation. Gretchen just stared and wondered why she wasn't as afraid as she should be. When Gretchen blinked a bloody reaper's scythe appeared in her hand.
"Now things are about to get interesting," offered Genesis.
This was why Gretchen was not afraid. The knowledge of her true self flowed from her staff into her mind. Her head ached and swam with this violent and new knowledge. She took lives, harvested souls from the Great Cause and she was not about to let fear take this new purpose from her now that she had it. She gripped her destiny and spoke to the Sable Sovereign.

"Look, I dont want to fight. I dont want to keep anything from you. I dont know what is going on but I do remember that night. It's in this Scythe and this Scythe is mine so this knowledge is mine. I will tell you but you have to understand that this is new for me. You have had the benefit of eons to get used to your destiny. I have had about five minutes. I want to learn. I will always provide full disclosure but I want to be taught. Do we have a deal?"
The Sable one moved away from Gretchen to look at her fully.

"We have a deal. What is your name?"
Gretchen closed her eyes and griped the shaft of the Scythe and spoke.

"I am the former Gretchen Thomas and the novice Cane of the Harvest, I am the Reaper Sovereign."
The Pixie smiled her pleasure.

"Wonderful! The clean up crew is homicidal! Hot Damn this shit gets better and better! Hey Sable ask about the others! They crazy as hell too?

"And the others? What of them Reaper?"

"They are the Beautiful Brutes. They Kill-at-will. MY will. On this world we are the embodiment of the elements. We are the vicious and beautiful Storms, The Fury of the Flame, the Raging winds and deathly silence of the waters of life. We are the havoc that leaves the lands fertile. We are the tillers of this wretched soil. We are the seasons of life and change And we will not be stopped.

"Damn! That is the shit right there! I think I am gonna fucking love this place!"

"Quiet Pix! Do you think this is a game? They have natural powers that must be molded and shaped so that they do not leave a conspicuous and bloody mess everywhere they tread! You couldnt even clean up the body count they left at that cat-house!"

"I know but it wont always be like that. She was just trying things on for size that's all. And you heard her, the Brutes obey her. Training, that's all we need. Training Sable. Chill! Damn!"

"Stop speaking to me in that manner and dont lecture me child! I know that training will help but the variables are numerous.

"Just ask about the club. I can't remember everything yet but I know that shit was off the chain!"

"Reaper, what of the club that night?"

Gretchen's eyes flew open and she grinned.

"Mmmm, that night was the best night of my life Queen Sable!"

Gretchen looked up from the table and smiled as she gripped in gloved hands her newly acquired ceramic glocks. The looked small and unassuming but they launched a bullet with the impact of a cruise missile. The music rattled her teeth and made her wet. She entered the her wrong mind and Chaos ensued!
As I walk in the shadow of death
Sixteen men on a dead man's chest
Your host this evening for H-O-T
N-I-X, you get splashed with the Tec
Nobody go, til the God say so
You got a second or mo', to run for the do'
Method Man--Judgment Day
This was her element.
The Sovereign of the Harvest,
The Goddess Reaper took her place next to her mentor and began her work.
The club lit up with the blasts from her hand cannons. The kick was like penetration, rough and brutal, just violent enough to be torture but just this side of torture to be ecstasy.
They came out of the wood work these vermin. She had cheese enough for all the rats tonight.
Mr. Big Mouth, the gat be trout
You need to douche out your style no doubt
Johnny struck through the Shaolin slum
PRUM PRUM PRUM on my Shaolin drum
Niggaz don't dare, to step in the square
Kids ain't playin over here, PLAYA
Only one way, and that's my way
Grim Reaper callin, Judgment Day
Method Man, Judgment Day

The dancers kept at their tasks. Laughing the whole while. The rip of the Pixie's sword cut through flesh with the fury of lightening. The dancers wound their serpentine brown bodies to the song that flooded their minds from the vault of the Sovereign warriors. With every body that fell so too did the shackles of their courtesan existence. The blast of the glock was freedom, every swipe from the Genesis blades empowered them. They screamed their liberation and bounced in time to the music as armor replaced their scant G-Strings.

All at once The Beautiful Brutes were born.

They leaped from the stages and rained hand to hand fury on patrons, and bouncers alike. Platinum knuckle rings dislocated the jaws of drug-dealers, athletes and businessmen. Liars and thieves and cheats who had a date with the Goddess Karma tasted the brutal boots of the blood lusting women.
From behind the bar, came the man all the dancers had referred to as Captain Rage...he pulled a puny piece from the waistband and aimed it at Gretchen who stood casually as he squeezed the trigger. The bullets cruised past her lazily with a seeming lethargy even.
"Bitch are you serious? You call THAT a heater?" She leveled one of the guns at his crotch and smirked. "Well this isnt fair is it? Mine is bigger than yours!" She lowered her weapon and released a bullet into his right knee. He fell to ground howling. "Oh what's wrong Rage? Did that hurt a big swole up brothah like you?" She strutted over and met his jaw with her boot. "Turn over bitch!" He was full on weeping, like a child. He sputtered blood as he tried to hold the shards of his knee in place with trembling hands.

Well that is all for now friends! I couldnt post some parts of it and had to delete some previous parts because it has indeed been getting some serious interest from a few sources. So hopefully this series will live outside of our humble little space in the very near future.Thanks so much for your interest and I will always share with you all some special little piece of The Soveriegn Chronicles before anyone else gets them! That I can promise.

Be Safe and be true, I think Karma has been asking about a few of us in passing.


lea78 said...

can i borrow her, i have a few peeps she can handle. LOL I was checking everyday for this update. Can't wait for the next one. I need a book b/c I could finish it all in one day

Bloodstream said...

I absolutley love the urban twist! I've been working hard on the D.E. but letme know when you're ready for dat collab... I got two CDs for you but haven't finished you mix CD yet. I'll holla!

PurpleZoe said...

I am entranced. You really are gifted.
I'm not surprised at all that you're getting offers. This is no average story. You've spun the kinds of characters that don't run out of stories to tell, and that's no small feat.

Don't forget the little people.