Thursday, November 1, 2007

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I didn't know how to start this post. I have followed the stories of Megan Williams and the Dunbar Village Rape atrocity and I wanted to say something about how I felt.
You see I thought that I was numb. I always think that I am until someone, anyone experiences the ULTIMATE of violations--RAPE.

On Women
This word is too small for the violation the word "RAPE" represents. It is too small to describe the humiliation and utter desecration of Yours, Mine and OUR own temple. The Temple Given to us by the most high.
If someone robs you the law is swift, people rally and communities create watch groups.
What of rape victims?
How quick does someone invent a REASON that the VICTIM should not have been in whatever place wearing, whatever outfit at whatever hour of the day or night?

We are not going to make it. Not like this.
If we don't stop it NOW we wont make it. They don't care that These are our MOTHERS. My Mother, Your Mother.
They don't care that these are our SISTERS. Our AUNTS, Our GRANDMOTHERS. They are raping our Grandmothers---What are we saying when talk around the incidents and paint Our family of women as deserving of less than her fair-haired counterpart?

I am not going to go into all the particulars of either case. We know the cases. We know The names of the women. On the news we hear their names constantly with hardly a mention of the attackers. How about we hear the Names of these attackers followed by the words "(Alleged) Rapist" rather than the names of our sisters followed by the words "rape victim". I know, it sounds like negating the victim but it isn't. It is about making the perpetrators carry the WEIGHT of the offense rather than their victims. It is about digging into the past and future of these men(and in Megan William's case, women) and putting their intimate particulars on display in much the same way that women are forced to suffer through (it is tantamount to being violated repeatedly I wager).

On Black Women
When did we become un-rapeable? When was it that ALL decided that our parts could be dissected and devoured whole by anyone and everyone who found themselves hungry in our general vicinity?
Why is it that black women are routinely used to satisfy petty jealousies, and satiate rampant lust all at no cost to the abuser and the death of her self?
Sisters! Its US who must be our own champions. It is US who must go into the streets, the courtrooms and world and say Damn-It, You will stop this or WE will STOP You!
We have no choice but to get up and stay up in the fight to protect ourselves and our sisters.
We are hurting but we are strong and angry and if we stop, ALL Life STOPS! Period.

Get vocal. Write to your legislators, your police chiefs and demand the protection they claim is ours as Citizens. Write female lawmakers, senators, and tell them what is going on in your neighborhood, to you, your sister, your mother to US. If we don't care they wont care.
On Black Men
We need you. You need us. Protect us and loves us and see family when you look at us. Teach your sons to respect women and the woman who delivered them safely. You don't have the right to look the other way. You owe us better. We belong to one another---Lets act like it.....

I love you all, love one another.
Be safe Be true, be careful with your Karma.
How will we arm ourselves against this war on our women?


dsf said...

Don't be surprised if it turns out that Megan Williams was in that trailer willingly and all the actions that occurred were consensual.

Femigog said...

Hey Dsf, I wont be surprised because it doesnt matter if she wanted to be there or not. She said NO and STOP and that ends the situation! Period.
and dont you be surprised if you find yourself in a similar situation and being subjected to same bullshit you are spreading.

PurpleZoe said...

What goes around comes all the way back around. This insanity called White Supremacy and Patriarchal Superiority in general will come to an end. Those who support the garbage in that establishment are shook because they feel the rumbling of the tower falling...

Bless your solidarity and strength Sister Femi. You're heart and mind are very necessary.