Friday, November 9, 2007

The Resurrection of the VooDoo Child! Welcome Back Welcome Back Wel-come BACK!

This is not a poem---I dont know what one might call it...

One day recently
I saw someone with liquid brown eyes.

Round and proper, I saw them Searching.

I stared into those pools of forever
and wondered what they looked like closed in sleep or in love.

Those big brown eyes
set in a deep brown face
framing a nose from the past of the Dark Continent.

Remembrances of its bright brilliance
and shining bodies is evident in the deep irises of those eyes.

What would have made these eyes hate that face?

I ran through a pool of my own suffering
and emerged
from the other end of that pool, stripped naked
--a bundle of raw emotion ready to learn,
my skin was loose and eager to dress those well earned battle wounds.

My head was bare and bald.

My muscles were smooth and new.

I walked to the edge of this pool
as the waves of hurt
lapped at my thighs and licked at my hips.

I ran my fingers along the tips
and remembered every assault and affront and heartache.

But instead of weeping I smiled.

My breath was steady and strong,
my cloudy head was clearing,
my body looked new on the outside.

In another life I might have been fine with that status quo
but you see,
My mind had evolved.
I needed for the outside to match the inside
so another Genesis begins.
One to build a sound body (not to mention an ass you could bounce a quarter off of...that's right! I went there...)

The funny thing is that the most recent time anyone saw me in my Goddess skin,

they worshiped me soundly and uhm I do mean soundly.

I was "already perfection" to this cat
and so my interest in rebuilding my temple has little to do with my subjects...

who grow in number daily.

I cant believe that I had avoided this.

That I shunned this vision and fled these emotions.

This day is the day that starts MY day.

I am the VooDoo child, the wild woman, the hell raiser.
I am the conjure woman at the edge of town between here and there.
I am heaven and the nightmare.

All encompassing.

Ever evolving.

Forever loving.

I am yours,
you are mine and we are ours.

I am the real deal,
the trouble maker,
the one momma warned you about,
the one your daddy cant take his eyes off of....

I'm back, I black and I am trouble.

This was for all my fellow Voodoo Children of the Great (God)dess... We dont always come in peace but when we do come the change does you good!
That's all for now friends, be safe and be true. Karma's got your address...


lea78 said...

beautiful. I love how it flows. You had me in tears at the begin. As you know I am starting a new phase of my life and I too want my outside to feel like my inside. I too want to emerge from that pool as a strong beautiful fierce Goddess. I won't have it any other way. Thanks for blessing me

Bloodstream said... that piece one of your originals? Damn, its great! Your page here is like a bottemless pit filled with creative juices...and I'm gonna start dropping in daily for withdrawels!

Femigog said...

Hey Lea! Yes ma'am I know you are evolving and I am with you all the way. Feel free to bend my ear anytime about anything. This piece is the mantra of the Transformation seeking of us! It is for you too especially sister. It is not easy but man when it starts can feel it immediately. You deserve EXCELLENCE! first last and Always! Nobody tells this to little black girls growing up so I am telling you and all of us right now! Love ya sis!
Brother in Blood! Yep it is an original man! Thanks for the compliment! where you at on here? drop some verses man! I know you got the skills so you aint got no excuse! LOL

Girly_Girl said...

I think it's a TOTAL poem. I love it!

PurpleZoe said...

Um... Karma's had my address for a minute.
*eyes glaze over and stare blankly ahead*


You've been tagged by the way.
Here's the link:

Mizrepresent said...

I too am evolving Femi,and i loved this, loved the mantra...loved the last line "i'm black and I am trouble..." Who says you are not a poet? lol! You are a poet of the highest!

Don said...

I am the real deal,
the trouble maker,
the one momma warned you about,
the one your daddy cant take his eyes off of....
I'm back, I black and I am trouble.

Femigog said...

Hey Miz! Damn right we are evolving. They can save that prefab box for some other women! We make our own mold!
Hey Don! You betta know it brotha! LOL!