Monday, July 26, 2010


I've been thinking about Freedom and what it means to me lately...I know that financial stability is very freeing. I can make plans in a way I couldn't before and that really feels free!
I know that mental freedom means the ability to process feelings in a way that encourages you to rejoice in your victories and learn/grow from your setbacks (I refuse to say defeats).

My meditations (typically done while on the floormats for stretching at the gym these days) help me see how I have freed myself from self-imposed prisons and how I can break free of boundaries that inhibit my success. It's difficult to do because the bottom line is always the Self. How I feel depends on Me, how I behave depends on me and how think depends on me and only me.
I'm free because everything in my little life depends solely on little ole me. While it's freeing it also a little terrifying, because rejoicing in the ups means taking responsibilty for the downs. That is hard but its the truth and living the truth is the ultimate freedom in my book.

Just a little reflection.
Have a Karmically Charmed day!

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