Friday, July 23, 2010

This is what happens when no one fact checks

So everyone knows about the whole Sherrod debacle by now and my only question is for the left. WTH? No one is in charge of fact checking? Why would you even attempt to take anything these days at face value without giving it at least a preliminary scan if you're just not interested in some long-drawn out in depth probe? I expect what I expect from the Right. Period. They haven't surprised me yet unfortunately. But come on know better than to hop-to based on anything out of the jowls of the Right.
Now I'm no Lefty nor am I on the Right but I'm certainly a liberal and even I don't take everything I read in my favorite liberal rags and podcasts at face value.
Heads have already rolled, so now what? Unreal!

On another topic :
New effort to benefit homeless prevention programs near five military bases.
Under the new Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration Program (VHPD), existing HUD grantees or 'Continuums of Care' located near the following military installations will each receive $2 million: MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida; Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California; Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas; Fort Drum in Watertown, New York; and Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington. In addition, VA medical centers in the following areas will each receive $1 million: Tampa, San Diego, Dallas, Syracuse, New York; and American Lake in Washington.

Excellent! I am behind any program that helps citizens who are without adequate resources. I know some awesome veterans (and some LESS than awesome ones) and have more than a few vets in my family. I like knowing that we (as a Nation) are constantly working to get it right for our soldiers and their families.
I tell my conservative friends that the one thing you dont want is a bunch of impoverished and desparate people living around you (especially ones with combat training). Rather than running them off, why not help? You never know when someone is going to have to pick you, dust you off and give you back some basic dignities. Everyone is worth something (even if all they do to brighten your life is get their toxic behinds out of your life each person is worth at least a little something).

Anyway, it's Friday so it's Happy Hour night with some friends from my bookstore days (damn I loved that job--before all the crazy changes). No gym today which may change if I can get in a 15 minute sprint directly after work, of course I could always go later since it's 24Hour Fitness, meh, we'll see. I'm trying to get into tip top shape for my annual trip to the Grand Canyon and this time I really wanna get down and back up Bright Angel Trail.
Bah! For Ren Faire I am gonna be a Barbarian Fairy. I know it sounds kinda crazy and really silly but I like Barbarians and Fairies so...why not a marriage?
I know, lame, but I dont mind lame if you have a good time and no one gets hurt.

Love and Light
Good Karma to all

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