Friday, July 30, 2010

If you really think that...

being unemployed is fun or a vacation I'm gonna ask you go straight to ...
The idea that extending unemployment benefits after this whole bank/wall street debacle is creating a hand out system is ill informed at best.

When I was layed off I didnt get the chance to lounge on the couch or anything but I did need the help that unemployment (money that they had taken out of my check when I was working as a conting...ency should one become layed off) gave me. I didnt qualify for any of those 100 grand a year jobs or anything so I had to look for a job that I was qualified for. Since the pool of people looking for those jobs was larger than those in the 100 grand a year range, my search was pretty difficult. I was terrified as anyone who suddenly becomes unemployed can likely attest to, so I never got the chance to weigh the pros and cons of either laying on the couch or earning an honest day's wage.

None of the people I met at the Texas Employment Commission at the time seemed excited about the prospect of getting a third of what they were making as employed citizens from the government and what used to be their tax dollars. You only get unemployment if you were employed and then were let go because of the company could no longer use you or afford you, so you are getting your own money back essentially. You only get a fraction of what you once earned and that is not enough to lay about on.

I didnt qualify for food stamps while I was unemployed, many don't (I'll try and find the numbers on this, I used to know them when I was unemployed).

I was only unemployed for about 6 weeks and I bit my effing nails everyday that no one called me back. I had 2 degrees at the time and took a pay cut (which is tough in retail management) to get back to work. I luckily didnt have kids to feed.

That was a while ago and I dont have these issues any more but that doesnt mean that the issues dont exist for anyone else. The presumption that we know someone else's life is a narrow view and completely irrelevant one.
I say help people who had jobs and lost them because of big business and fancy math that is indecipherable until millions find themselves out of work and summarily demonized because of it.

I've lived around good people who felt desparate and it is dangerous. You dont want desparate people living around you.

That's the last thing we need in the country right now.
Karma--blame it on you, not Me!

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