Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Just a Bunch of Nerd Stuff

Sigh...I'm concerned about someone who is not even close to being a friend but I think we likely could have been had things been different in our lives. I cant believe I feel any level of empathy for the person but I do. I truly do. I really hope it all works out well for them, and I wish I could do something to help. I cant of course but I would if I could. My spiritual beliefs teach me that the way to enlightenment is to lead another out of the dark, and the way to realizing richness in our lives is to aid another out of poverty (in whatever form, literal or figurative). The way to heal a broken heart (for those who are not obliviously clueless as to what one is--lucky them I reckon) is to love openly through the pain. Man does it hurt though, I mean it is a real S.O.B. but you learn more about love and life during the loss of both. That being said, I hope anyone with Karmic debts gets the chance to make good on them with the universe, with a minimum of collateral damage. Peace. Now on a lighter note-----

Well, today was a busy day at work, I like it but it is challenging, especially for the lowly trainee, who, by the way, becomes a regular cubicle drone as of September. That means my grade changes, which means my pay changes, Yippee! I know, yippee is pretty lame but, yippee. I change tax brackets but I also get to change lifestyles. It's been a long road out of the mud for sure but mud is good for the skin so, I'm gonna guess it was worth it.

I noticed that the chubby chasers were in full force today at the gym. What's that about? When I was in the market for someone who digs the fluff, I dont remember no buff dudes hounding me on the streets, and believe me, I woulda remembered for sure. Now it's all "oh do you need a hand with those weights" and "Here, let me help you set the machine, you sit down and I'll adjust" with my giant manly muscles (okay I added that bit). Still...what gives?

Oh oops, Dragon-Con is in September not in August, I jumped the gun because I'm so freaking excited. I am gonna be in primo, star-gazing/chasing shape. Last year I shook hands with the legendary skin job Saul Tigh from Battlestar Gallactica! I just stood there with my mouth open while he shook my hand. LOL. and Yes he has a real name but it just doesn't seem relevant. If the Dr. Who crowd from this season is there then I am gonna lose it for sure! God, Sci-Fi is fun!

Oh snap, Adrian and I went to see the Eagles last month at the Toyota Center! Awesome seats and the concert was Wonderful! I mean we went to last year's "Hell Freezes Over Tour" and it was sublime but this year's "Long Road Out Of Eden Tour" was even better! Those old dudes still got it! We missed the Doobie Brothers, although I can't imagine how. I watch the concert sites like a hawk for my favs, like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Knicks, Sting (who is actually coming to Houston's Cynthia Mitchel Woods Pavillion this year) and a myriad of others I dig. Anyway they got by us, con-sarn-it! LOL.

I know, you're checking out my playlist and wondering how you too can be this Cool! hahahaha
Love and light
Good Karma to all,

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