Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Things First!

Hey Y'all! My birthday week is moving along splendidly! I had the BEST time at the Slick Rick Concert last night! It was
I am going to finish editing the photos and post them here as soon as possible! I promise. But first I have to share some pics from the Special Ed affair that I attended last month at the Engine Room. Now I didnt get any good photos of Special Ed but no worries he was slammin'! What I did get is primo photos of fellows I like to call the GENTS of Southern Socially Conscious Hip Hop! These brothers have a killer album and a presence to make you stand up or rather listen up and take notice! They are Flow Factory (Double F) and here are some photos of their performance.

Be sure to check them out at MySpace! Just click HERE for cool ass uplifting lyricism!
Okay my video of them is NOT decent enough to post but no worries because I got a NEW hand-held Hybrid hard disk camcorder for my 36th birthday. Since I don't do Christmas my Mother tends to really wear out my Birthday (she also got me new jammies---she knows I love lounge in preshrunk, earth sustainable cultivated cotton)! Goddess love her, cuz I know I do! She accepts all my quirks and incorporates them into the lives of our family s if they are automatic. I dont have to FAKE Thanksgiving and Christmas to please them because they know and accept me.
We know that RESPECT of each other's beliefs above all else is what matters.
Back to the camera. It has an SD card slot AND 37 hours of recording hard disk space!
So the next event will be recorded in Stellar fashion by yours truly!

How do even begin to tell you all how good I feel?
I mean, not the bullshit "I feel fine" sorta thing that we sometimes do to talk ourselves into the feeling but I mean some real genuine Good Feelings!
This is the feeling you get when you truly bleed out the poison and replace it in righteous fashion with purity and love.
Meditate, Eat Right and ATONE for your actions.
Then you begin your approach to a Righteous state of being.
Once you dump the Garbage avow never, ever to compromise your integrity or taint your righteous words in order to puff your chest and diminish others.
Never tell yourself another lie in order to stay stagnant or hurt another citizen of the world. Keep your word. It is the most important piece of intangible credit that you have.
A corrupt word hides a corrupt soul.
Zen exists in us all.
I love you my friends.
Peace Love and Light---Namaste and Hotep my lovelies.
Love yourselves hard and true and know that in those moments of doubt Karma is the one surety so choose wisely (damn! That was a Femigog Original I think---I'm copy-written so don't just grab and run without proper credit---and keep this policy for EVERYTHING you borrow)


Mizrepresent said...

Femi, gurl glad the birthday celebration has been wonderful. Just reading you...i can feel that joy coming's the kind of thing puts a smile on your face. I'm loving this post, my favorite of all your wonderful quotes:

"Once you dump the Garbage avow never, ever to compromise your integrity or taint your righteous words in order to puff your chest and diminish others."

Words to live by lady...and of course your last quote...

"Love yourselves hard and true..."

priceless, and believe me, i will definitely give credit. Have a great day!

Lovebabz said...

What a fabulous post! Just the thing I needed to kick start my day--with some Mary J. Blige in the background singing, "I am fine fine fine!" You are a Goddess of the highest order. And of course your mother loves you with all your quirks...good mothers are cool like that! Happy Day to you!

Tha L said...

happy belated birthday momma! hmm...i don't even know if i've ever visited your spot, seems like i have, but i'ma have to put you on my must-read-daily blog list. Linking you immediately, I like the way you think. And Special Ed?!! Off the chain! Funny, I just posted about him Dec. 1. Anywhoo, make it a good day! *winks and hugs*

lea78 said...

so glad that you have peace and harmony in your life right now. as far as that camera goes I already know that they will be some very naughty things taped on there. LOL! Do you though, cuz I know you will anyway

KIKI said...

I am LOVIN all this feel good, love yourself stuff goin on in blog-land lately. Happy Belated Lady...and keep on keepin on!

Don said...

Femigog has a new camcorder. The world is in trouble now. lol.