Saturday, December 8, 2007

School is OUT and I am IN my friends!!!

I dont wanna go into how SLAMMIN' ya girl was at her Literary conference but suffice it to say that I did the damn thing! My fifteen minute discussion on the women as vessels rather than people with choices in Victorian Literature was on and poppin'! But enough about that you want to dig in to a little fantasy now that classes are over I can oblige more readily! The Pixie is obsessed with someone y'all! Let me know what you think


Stalking your shadow.
Dogging your footsteps.
How long will it take
for you to slow your pace just enough for capture?

Grains of broken glass in every sip
i take across from no one, and not you.
Each kiss against lips not yours
strips skin from flesh until
a blazing heart is exposed through a barbed wire reality.

When you rise so too does the day.
And when you rest the night is upon all.
How many rotations before, dizzy and stricken,
the pull of you is too great
and there is a great and mythic tragedy to recount?
(The Pixie Sovereign)

She watched him through the stained glass. Her vision fixed on the form beneath his vestments. the smell of myrrh escaped through the cracks in the old building and intoxicated her.
What would he think if he knew that she watched him.
silently and impatiently wanting him.
Who was he?
Why was the Sovereign council protecting him from the elements of Babylon?
What was her home world to him and what was he to it?

She had gotten close to him once. Close enough to feel the fabric of his robe against her bare right arm, her strong arm. It was the day she gripped a bible in her fist rather than her flail. That one time she held on to the words a man spoke as if they would leak to her some secret truth about the life she lived. He knew there was something in his Father's house when he passed her in the pew, placing a wafer on her tongue and drawing back his hand. Noticing later that the smallest prick from her teeth had drawn blood. He knew that there was something in his Father's house when the temperature dropped and children became still and listening--absorbing.
The children always know. He watched the children all the while praying in Latin. The sound assaulted her ears and she felt herself slipping into selfishness. She would take him now, without his consent and without the approval of the council. The Jesuit belonged to her and she would not wait.

He prayed in constant and hushed tone. He was praying for her. She was enraged and filled with lust for him. This was an outrage. An assault. His affects were an attack. Her whip materialized in her strong hand. She would bind him. His footfalls carried through the church like the pulse of a giant.
He was prepared for her. He knew. He held the golden chain of the burner as it transformed before her eyes.
When he passed her she heard the words he said over her in a rush of Latin.

"Deo duce, ferro comitante." (With God as my leader and my sword as my companion)

All was still in the church, frozen. They watched one another and knew that this was not the time. She sprang to her feet and spoke to him in a tone so low that it rode upon the icy air...

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam"(I will find a way or make one--Hannibal).
That's all for now friends! I dont where this is going yet but I think a holy man would really spice up the mix especially for our Hedonist Pixie!
Be good and be true and know that when you feel like you're all alone Karma is sitting right beside you!
Oh and as for YOU, I can't believe you actually hated on me like that man! Hey, it's your Karma brother, so go ahead and DO YOU in the words of Russell Simmons.
I love you anyway
I love you all!


PurpleZoe said...

This was powerful. It definitely deepens the story, and gives Pixie a vulnerability that almost makes her more endearing. You can't help but admire the strength in the Holy man as well. With very little words you feel almost like you know his character, and that he isn't the sloppy "show-time" Holy Man but one of actual principle.

lea78 said...

u are a tease, I was ready for some action, the suspense of what will happen is killing me. I love Pixie, but who is this priest to her? there has to be some sort of connection

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

hey u , how have u been

Femigog said...

hey Purp@! Thanks so much! I love that you find interest in my writing and my characters. The Pixie is one of my favorites and she is very sensitive which we will start to see soon.
Lea@ I gotta leave you wanting more girl! Dont worry I am just starting to develop our Pixie and it is gonna get good.
Raw Dawg@ what's been up with you brother?! Thanks for asking for asking. I have been thankfully busy trying to write for life around this piece! I gotta come check you out over there!

Mizrepresent said...

Femi when you coming back with some more stuff...gurl, been checking for weeks now.

Don said...

While reading you, I stopped and said to myself, "Femi has mastered her voice to a T."

I like the way you pull the reader into one direction then releasing him into another direction which always leads back to the previous direction. I guess that makes sense.

And I can definitely believe you did your thang.