Monday, December 31, 2007

The Jesuit--An Abstract-Shameless Self Promotion

Hey y'all. Here is an abstract creation just now so this is but a tiny sliver of who he is. He has the attention of the The Pixie Sovereign, although I have toyed with the idea of having The Reaper Sovereign of the Harvest (formerly known as Gretchen Thomas) be his stalker. I thought maybe she would try to take his soul or some such nonsense but I don't know yet. And another shameless plug--
Click on the link to THE ULTRAVIOLET UNDERGROUND in my blog roll to download the Winter Issue of PURPLE Magazine.
There is a Short story written by yours truly within its Lovely Pages!--I sometimes write under the name

The Short story is called Persephone3 so check me out yall and give my girl and her righteous magazine a shout out! I love YOU PurpleZoe! And here is the excerpt

The Jesuit retreated into his small room in the rectory and wondered about the thing he encountered in His Father's house. The woman whose entire body seemed to be pushing toward him had studied him intently for more than a month, a full three phases of the moon. She was an African, an original at that. Pure from the line of Lucy or perhaps before. The important thing was that she had moved from the fringes of home and right into middle of life. She was comfortable in the old church but she was uncomfortable around the children of the flock. Their silence shook her. They knew her heart and had shared with him the secret of her Babylonian origins. He walked the length of his cell-like room and reached out to turn on the radio. He listened intently to the report through song for a clue as to why the council of Heathens were tracking him and why the beautiful demon Goddess was so much more interested in him than was appropriate for a man of God. He stalked back to his room to gather any information he could as to her purpose for him or herself. He unlocked the room by transmogrifying the golden chain of the incense burner into a solid skeleton key. The door opened with a lazy squeak.
"Harlot," he whispered to an empty room. "What could she be thinking," he thought further. He removed his cloak and paced to build up body heat. As his core temperature rose he began to hear the static that brought with it reports from off world. The music cloaked the room and the candle burned brighter as the report came in through the lyrics.
Okay, I am having the hardest time trying to decide on what the Jesuit is listening to right here. I know some indie musicians who have the perfect messages. That's the problem, they are plural! Ugh this is tough. So I am just gonna have to leave out the broadcast that The Jesuit hears for now and drop it in later.
The Jesuit listened half-heartedly to the reports of rogue holy-men as the coded messages spilled from the small and unassuming Bose speaker system. He stripped off his linen undershirt to reveal a body covered in all manner of religious symbols, some ancient some less forgotten. The most significant piece of art graced his broad, muscular chest. He stood still for a moment as warmth emanated from the trinity of a crucifix, an ankh and an ouroboros covering him from neck to waist. It glowed brilliantly in the candle lit room and the sensation of its vibrations pushed him to his knees and forced a rushed prayer from his lips.
Okay that is all. I'm sorry I just don't know a lot about The Jesuit yet. I know that he has lived for some centuries and that in one lifetime he was a North African General in the time of Constantine. You know me and my love of history and mythology.
Anyway, y'all have a great and safe New Year's Eve and a fancy and delightful New Year's day! As a matter of fact have a wonderful year full of love, light, peace and happiness!
Be safe and be true and know that Karma has the patience of Job and now, so do I.
I love you all sincerely!


Mega Rich said...

I'm really digging your writing. Do you do any other genre besides Science Fiction? Just curious.

Femigog said...

Thanks Mega! I do write some literary stuff that is based on Greek Mythology and rewritten with black Southern Characters.

I also write some erotica but it isnt as good as what I come up with in science fiction.
You can actually read one of my short stories called Persephone3 in Purple Magazine over at the Ultraviolet Underground if you get the chance.

PurpleZoe said...

Happy New Year Chica!!!

Thanks for the shout, and may I say you never cease to amaze me with your ability to create a 3 dimensional experience within exquisite word portals.

Simply incredible.

Flourish and Prosper in the '08.
Love You Femi!

lea78 said...

Happy New Year Sis!

CapCity said...

Femi....Gurrrrll, I had to come thru & wish U a GRRRRREAT 2008! Also had to let u know that I'm starting to re-dig into Sistah Butler's works & am now reading BloodChild....WHY do I feel like I've just gotten high after finishing this "new" batch of her stuff? Whew!

And congrats on the 33 pounds of lightness! Do your thang, Sis! I'm determined this 2008 to be Great as I can be, too!


Ensayn1 said...

Femigog, I am feelin your writing and I will be over at the UltraViolet Underground to read more!

Don said...

Good writing, as usual. Even if you make me have to read it twice. lol. Where does your inspiration come from?

Sidebar: I can't help but shake my head @ the 6 year old being shot 7 times. Sad ish.