Monday, December 28, 2009

forgive the Typos

Haven't been here in a while, well since my birthday I think but that is only because life was calling. Well I made it to 38 and ate about that many pounds of food in celebration of the fact. If you want a primo dining experience then Fogo De Chao is the way to go! A Brazilian steakhouse that is not for those trying to cleanse their colons. I posted the pics on my Facebook page if anyone wants to see pics of food (I am assuming that everyone is the same level of foodie that I am of course). At any rate my FB is open to everyone so go on over and take a look at some fun food pics and see how far I have gotten in my Farmville escapades LOL! Well the winter holiday was great, and I spent a ton of time with the extended family. Wait I am getting ahead of myself, let's go back to the day after my second birthday dinner last Tuesday night.
Okay, so my bestfriend (whom I have known since highschool--10th grade) took me to a Chinese buffet and the food was good, until the next morning. Talk about food poisoning. I went to work looking quite green around the gills and didnt learn a thing in my training class. All day, co-workers asked if I was feeling okay and I most certainly could not fake that I was anything less than miserable. Still, I trudged along through the day. Now this was the same day that I got dropped off at work and the car had to be taken in for service. So after the Artist sat at the dealership for hours upon hours they inform him who then informs me that they have to order a part and get us a rental. He makes his way home and manages to pick me up, get me to the dealership to get the insurance card and my GPS out of the car, then to the Toyota Rent-a-Car place to get whatever car they have that is under 25 bucks per day, luckily they have a couple to choose from. We get the Yaris (which I dont particularly care for but is only 20 bucks per day and EXCELLENT on gas mileage. Then we make it home by 6pm which is awesome since I get off work at 4pm everyday and can get tons of crap done before every thing closes for the day. I immediately puke my guts out (even though I have eaten nothing the entire day thanks to whatever parasites existed in that nasty-ass buffet) and I am down for the count. The Artist goes to visit family so the apartment is nice and quite for the evening.
Thursday I am up and ready to live life, I am off work for 4 days (gotta love them gub'ment jobs!) and Mom's is the first stop since all the fam is at her place. We party down! The rest of the weekend goes a little like Cook-Eat-Laugh-Cook-Eat-Laugh (repeat as necessary)! The pics are of course on FB, my lemon pies were the absolute talk of the town (but I've been making them since I was 12 years old). I don't celebrate Christmas per se but my family does and I love to be with good people and good food so I was in Pagan Paradise. I don't exchange gifts but my birthday (and mom's) is in December so I always get something and I always give her something on her birthday (this year she asked for her favorite--bath crap and Clint Eastwood's newest movie Gran Torino). She Loves Mr. Eastwood...
Anyway the weekend was too short but at least I have another long one coming for New Year's  and another family party to attend. Hope you all had a great weekend.
Karma is cyclical so watch your back, Be Decent and Keep your Word. Nothing worse than a Man (or Woman) who isn't as Good as his word.
Karmically Yours

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