Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So I get my car back from the dealer last night

And guess what? They fixed the whole strut/alignment issue and even fix the lighter (which I never use and didnt know was inoperable) but they failed to fix the light the behind the CD player console. Sigh, I have to now call them again and hope against hope that I don't have to get another horrid rental from the Toyota-Rent-a-car place. That Yaris was not my cup of tea! I much rather my heavy little sunroof-having silver, (lane) surfer.
7 whole days in a strangers car, yuck! But at least I didnt have to pay for it so YAY for the warranty! 50 bucks for 400 dollars worth of work and parts!
Anyway, the New Year is coming and I had said that I would not commit to any resolutions but what can I say, I gave in to tradition and had to compile a list of sorts. (anyone who knows me knows that if you put something in list format I am all over it!).
I have pretty big plans for the New Year so I figure at the least, an outline is in order.
  1. I plan to increase my savings by 15% this year. Last year's goal was to increase my savings by 5% and I did it by 10% so I figure I should be a little more ambitious this year, especially since life will not be contained! LOL.
  2. Maintain my dreadlocks in a more timely manner. Okay, I dont have the matted look or anything but I get so busy that I dont get to get down with the upkeep as soon as might be necessary. No one can tell but me but that's enough!
  3. Move out of the South! This is paramount right now. Unfortunately, Texas is doing well during this economic down turn and so I have to realistic with this goal. The move will not come before the end of 2010 for a fact but it is definetely gonna happen!
  4. Increase my freelance writing income by at least 50%. I dont plan to work a regular 9 to 5 a year from now and so I have to make sure that my freelance life can support my desired/necessary lifestyle. I am only using 1 income to calculate the amount of money needed so that there will be a SURPLUS of sorts when the goal is realized.
  5. Cook, Serve,Bank! Keep chef-ing! I'm a Viking in the kitchen and everone will know it by year's end! You already know! LOL. 
  6. HEALTH--enough said! Well, maybe not, get checked for EVERYTHING NOW! Ladies, I'm talking to you especially! Gents, that prostate aint gonna take care of itself. Girls, feel your "girls" for abnormalities or let your significant other check for you but CHECK!

Okay, well this is the loose, vague list of what will be my 2010, if you dont have a list dont fret. Not everybody needs one. Just live a life you can be Proud of. Everyone can tell when you should be ashamed and will likely be ashamed of you (they wont tell you of course but you know when the people you care about are seeing you at your least worthy).
 Do yourself a favor and tell yourself the truth. Now the diehard cowards who successfully lie to themselves may be beyond help but they rest of us have no excuses.
Keep your word, don't die a coward, be decent, pay your debts--the Karma you save may be your own.
Karmically yours


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