Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday notes

  1. It is AIDS Awareness Day/ month. Get tested! Know your status and recognize that this epidemic runs rampant in the black community with black women accounting for the bulk of NEW cases!
  2. Check your boobies regularly!
  3. Watch your diet, diabetes claims more lives than HIV and Cancer combined annually! Yeah! Pretty freaking staggering considering how many lives are lost due to Cancer and HIV/AIDS!
  4. Take care of yourself first and you will be that much more equipped to take care of the people you love.
  5. Revenge is a waste of energy and time. You dont have to forget but letting yourself forgive is a pretty good idea---ugh! I am trying to take my own advice on this front.
  6. Don't let him/her make you feel inadequate. Take that negativity and flip it. They know for a fact that without them YOU would do a heck of a lot better in business, in love and most assuredly in life.
  7. It is really nice to have people in your life who think of YOU sometimes, I've had the alternative and lets just say that they are likely still only motivated to concentrate on the most important person in their life---Themselves.

    Keep your word. Pay your debts. Save yourself (yeah, I'm talking to YOU).

    Karmically yours


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