Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Have No idea what to Title this

so I won't.
I watched the President's address last night. After which I watched Houston's Mayoral Debate. I will be voting for Annise Parker and not Gene Locke. He was lawyer for some interesting parties here in Houston and elsewhere and I just don't trust him not to be dollars driven at the detriment to the city. Just my opinion. I will say this, his involvment with damn near every black church in town is disconcerting for me. He is willing to accept money from groups who are oppossed to Annise Parker based on her sexual orientation. I find this guiling because bigotry should never be excused or tolerated and Locke as a black man should know better and be better.
As for The President, My President, Our President, I am truly and ultimately---torn. I don't want more war. I don't want more troops, sons, daughter, mothers, fathers, loved ones, Lost. I just dont. But I am not in Afghanistan, watching my children, my daughters, be subjegated and trod upon, watching my sons and husbands and fathers die for antiquated ideas, and tyrannical, power-hungry zealots.
If we leave Afghanistan now will we have a situation of civil unrest as was seen in Rwanda once of Belgium just pulled up stakes and disappeared before stabilizing a volitile situation.

Wait, I'm far too emotional to keep going in this fashion---
I was listening to an audiobook by one of my favorite political historians, Sarah Vowel and she was talking about John Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity" and how it lead to shaping of this America (albeit on the backs of the indigenous and enslaved). I need to interject here that I am not a Christian. I do not believe that we (America) has some divine, God given right to be the standard for the world. I do however believe that we a good Nation, that strives to be that "city upon a hill" and because of this we have an obligation.  I digress---Winthrop talks about up being a "city upon a hill" and how we should be a model for other nations on morality, just law, good will and above all, Peace.
Peace. That's what is missing from our rhetoric today. Are we not even pretending to strive for it any more? I heard, much to my chagrin, a lot of what I heard for the last 8 years--fear mongering, postering.
Now if you tell me we need to send more troops into Afghanistan to stabilize the nation, protect the citizens, and act NOT as colonizers and opportunists but as ambassadors of peace which will require the hard removal of rebel/terrorist forces for the good of Afghan citizens, then I will respect the decision even if I don't agree with it. But don't give me more of the last 2 terms without even attempting to change the tired speech Bush gave not even 2 years ago or not even throwing in a "good faith effort" here and a "peace" there.
I love my country, and I support my President but I want the thing offered during the campaign--CHANGE.
I want our troops home, I want families together, I want a decent, viable and accessible healthcare system, and above all Peace.
I may have to get up off my soapbox and my Ass and go grassroots in a minute....
Be decent, keep your word---something the current administration might want to consider.
Karmically yours

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