Tuesday, December 1, 2009


For the record, Laurels Literary Magazine is published by The University of St Thomas (Houston's premier Catholic University) and I was published a total of 3 times in said mag. This was for YOU, and we both know who you are...sigh
Anyway you can also look up Callalou, which is a literary mag that focuses on the African, Caribbean and African American writer to a great degree. Ah predictability...taste like hate but then I would expect little else for some people. Yeah, I own my shit and maybe I am not the one who needs an investigation (hint-Hint).

The President's address was..........something. I have some thoughts on this that I am still taking apart and putting back together....more troops, more war, more loss.
No wonder the VA has all of those adds seeking employees. Damn....

Be decent, keep your word, and uhm maybe worry about the right things (this means you).
Karmically yours

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