Thursday, December 10, 2009

I know that I said I was gonna discuss a quote from "A Mercy" but Rick Warren is once again under my damn skin!

Are you kidding me? No seriously? Rick Warren seemed to think that Uganda in all of their murder the gay away glory was "A purpose driven nation," and the man in Uganda who is pushing this legislation, which by the way will see homosexuals imprisoned or HANGED for their sexuality, is regarded as a "brother" by Rick Warren's wife and has been an honored guest/visitor to the Warren family California home.
Okay, okay, so you associate with whomever you choose. Fine. But uhm when there is policy in a country to sanction murder based on bigotry then maybe just distancing yourself from the guy pushing the legislation is not enough. Maybe, just maybe, you know as a Christian minister and a follower of Christ you should perhaps DENOUNCE said guy and the proposed legislation. Maybe you should support EDUCATING the people of such a region instead of fueling ignorance, intolerance, MURDER and barbarism. But hey, I'm no Christian minister so what do I know about these things...
Maybe any number of the other Self-Proclaimed Christians in Politics and government over here in the good old USA could publicly denounce murdering or imprisoning homosexuals.
Oh and is there some reason Cohen cant just come right out and say that he effing fabricated those absurd statistics regarding the predilection of gays to
gay up the kids and worse yet, molest them? WTF?
The best he could do was say that with his next printing of the "book" he would remove those erroneous and completely UNFOUNDED statistics involving homosexuals and sexual crime/deviancy toward children!
be decent, keep your word!
karmically yours

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