Tuesday, December 15, 2009

fun facts about me and food

  1.  I cook every single meal I consume. No choice, especially right now. All organic, all natural, baked or broiled almost exclusively (I really miss fried chicken from Popeyes!). Wait! I did make fried fish a month ago but I got express permission to do so. Man, it was magical! Sigh. oops I ate at chilis recently because I was over duck and dressing! other than that, I cook at home.
  2. I post almost every meal I cook on Facebook. My friends and I trade recipes and pics. I am a chef (Recently I have had catering jobs), Right now I am a personal chef part-time. I put together dinner parties for couples and such of NO MORE than 8 people at a time. The hardest part has been learning wines (I don't really have the pallet for wine so I have had to go on countless tastings and had to take the wine course 3 times) LOL. Yeah!
  3. In Texas you must take the following courses to get food handlers certification--Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-contamination & Allergens, Time & Temperature, Cleaning & Sanitation. Pricey and time consuming but necessary & worth it.
  4. I get my love of cooking honestly. My mother was a cook for 28 years, my biological father was a barbecue chef and my step-father was an actual chef for a major Hotel Restaurant (The Warwick) in the museum district in Houston back in the day. The place is called something else now and my step father has long since passed. He made me love reading, photography (I have published photos in 2 local Houston newspapers of the annual International Festival), cooking and of course Writing (I am a published writer with a decent writer's resume and a stabilizing business.
  5. My TV is ALWAYS on the Food Network. Chopped is my favorite show and I watch Top Chef on Hulu, or is it Fancast? No I think it is Hulu.
  6. I keep my word and I pay my debts.
  7. I am no coward and I no longer associate with or worse yet, support them. You will end up supporting a shapeless untrustworthy blob if you even begin to associate with those coward types. Wipe your brow if you dodged a bullet and thank whomever saved you from yourself, I do daily (I really send a thanks into the universe for my saving grace, I hope like hell my words hold them to one another. They kinda deserve one another, I know for sure that no one else in the world deserves either of them. I like to call them the perfect murder/suicide LOL). 
Be safe and true and decent.
Keep your word.
Karmically yours

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